Velassaru Maldives to kick start the festive season with splendid offers!


From the 20th of December up until the 6th of January 2018 the festive season is to take place with colorful celebrations and amazing opportunities that provide the ultimate tropical experience.

Sunset Cruise

Kick-starting the festive season with “complimentary morning cruises” on the 20th December 2017, the resort promises to offer a range of activities guests could indulge themselves to experience their dream vacation. Surrounded by the blue lagoons of the Indian Ocean and the multi-colored kingdoms of wildlife and corals, Velassaru Maldives makes Maldives proud by exposing the underlying beauty this country has to offer.


Velassaru is ready to offer signature body rituals of all kinds imaginable. In fact, the resort is determined to provide their guest every day with relaxing spa treatments! From snorkeling trips to “Dolphin discovery” excursions, the resort has got you covered.

Velassaru 83-1674The festive season really shines on the eve of charismas with a “Christmas Eve Gala Dinner” followed by “Santa’s Arrival at Fen Bar Garden” on Christmas! Also on top of that, the resort has proudly panned a “New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner” and “Velassaru Misty New Year’s Eve Celebration”!

Velassaru 71-1353

Kayaking at Velassaru Maldives

That is not all, the festive program also includes Male’ City guides fish trips and kids cooking classes complete your desired festive holiday! So take the chance and book a plan to Maldives and find yourselves in the blue lagoons of the Velassaru Maldives!


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