Private dining on Ari Explorer.

04 January 2016  NEWS: Imagine setting sail aboard your very own private yacht, cruising around the picturesque Ari Atoll as the sun begins to melt  into the shimmering Indian Ocean. Picture yourself relaxing atop the elegant Ari Explorer as you are served a delightful selection  of canapés by a private waiter, and dive into a… Read more

Testing the new stand up paddleboards in Maafushivaru

04 January 2016  NEWS: Regarded  as  a  fun  outdoor  activity  practised  by  A-list  celebrities  and  health  gurus  worldwide,  Stand  Up Paddleboarding has become a phenomenal sport in today’s world. It’s easy, adventurous and works on major muscle groups of the body while being friendly to people of all ages. Maafushivaru is pleased to offer this… Read more

Festive Fun on Maafushivaru

04 January 2016  NEWS: Maafushivaru is ready to bid farewell to  year 2015 with a colourful program for its guests. Beginning on 24th December, Christmas Eve the agenda is laid out carefully for both adults and children with fun and interactive activities. A guided snorkelling event is planned around Lonubo ending with a massive gala… Read more

Turtle Reef snorkel excursion

04 January 2016  NEWS: Snorkelling  is  a  must  in  the  Maldives  where  the  sublime  underwater  gardens  hold  secrets  and  bountiful encounters. Some argue that diving is key to gain the most of this experience, but for those whose first preference isn’t diving, then snorkelling is ideal as all you need is just a pair of… Read more

New presentations at Eco Centre

04 January 2016  NEWS: Regarded as the environmental hub of Kuramathi, the Eco Centre is an interesting venue gathering curious guests wanting to know more about the island’s flora and fauna both on land and underwater. Its key feature is the 11 metre sperm whale skeleton along with a variety of specimen found in its… Read more

New hookah menu

04 January 2016  NEWS: Originating  from  the  Middle  East,  a  hookah  or  water  pipe  as  it  is  commonly  referred  is  an  item  frequently consumed after a meal in social gathering. It is smoked through a pipe and combines a range of exotic flavours. Dhoni  Bar,  a  favourite  bar  amongst  our  guests  is  now  offering  the … Read more

Festive fun on Kuramathi

04 January 2016  NEWS: We are fast approaching the end of the year 2015 and it has been a great year so far. Nothing says it best like the Festive Program Kuramathi loves to plan at the end of December. With fun and exciting programs for both adults and children alike, Festive fun is guaranteed… Read more

Cuccio Veneer nail polish promo

04 January 2016  NEWS: Aesthetic exquisiteness is an important aspect and this month Kuramathi Spa is pleased to announce a new product aiming at beautifying the nails. Cuccio Veneer uses an advanced formula that protects the nails while coating it in a variety of vibrant colours. Referred to as the ‘next generation of LED nail… Read more

A twist in the menu of Palm and Island Coffee Shop

04 January 2016  NEWS: We are pleased to share recent developments taken place this month with our famed à la carte restaurants; Palm and Island Coffee Shop. The new dishes are inspired by our culinary expert and Executive Chef, Michel Muffat who is  a  visionary  when  it  comes  to  proper  dining  on  Kuramathi.  Boasting  new … Read more

FESTIVE SEASON 2015 – 2016

Festive Dining 21 December 2015  NEWS: Tuesday, 22 December 2015 Christmas Tree Lighting and Choir M-Lounge From 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Join us as we kick-off the festive season with a magical Christmas tree lighting ceremony and listen to the soft serenade of the Villingili Choir performing a medley of Christmas songs. Indulge with… Read more


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