New presentations at Eco Centre


Regarded as the environmental hub of Kuramathi, the Eco Centre is an interesting venue gathering curious guests
wanting to know more about the island’s flora and fauna both on land and underwater. Its key feature is the 11 metre sperm whale skeleton along with a variety of specimen found in its exhibition area.
Apart  from  these  fascinating  exhibits,  the  Eco  Centre  also  does  a  variety  of  enthralling  presentations  to  guest audiences. Topics range from Structure & Ecology, Planktonic Organisms, Sharks and Beauty and Diversity of Corals delivered in both English and German languages. Two new topics are now included that delve into the Silent Deep and  Turtles,  raising  interesting  points  of  the  undiscovered  abyss  in  the  ocean  and  the  ever  loving  turtles encountered often while snorkelling or diving.
Join  us  for  these  presentations  to  expand  your  knowledge  of  the  mystifying  ocean  with  our  resident  marine biologist on every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday at 18:45 hrs.


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