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Event planning

Be it a wedding, honeymoon, social party, or corporate event, our event planning concierge service can design and execute a first-class experience catered directly to your needs. Being based in the Maldives, we can offer access to the most stunning locations and an environment uniquely suited to romance and relaxation.

Consult with our experts to make the best of your event. We create hand-crafted packages that take into consideration your specific event, number of guests, location preferences, and access to amenities amongst other things. Too busy to get bogged down in the details? No worries! Our event planners can handle everything for you down to the most minute detail and draw from their years of experience in the field and vast connections to craft an intricate event with the ideal ambiance and luxury included. We can take care of securing a venue, catering, assembling amenities, and handling transportation. You can be as hands-on as you want to, it’s all up to your personal preference, with the assurance that we will provide round the clock assistance and advice to create as seamless an experience as possible.

Let us take care of every part of your journey here in the Maldives, from start to end with our VVIP Airport Services and Luxury Transfer services. We also offer private jet, super-yacht, and private island chartering services, that can supplement your event by providing an added layer of luxury, uniqueness, and mobility. For instance, booking a private island for a wedding ceremony can increase the exclusivity of the event, and allow you to design your special day in a highly versatile manner. Other possibilities include staging photoshoots on sailboats or yachts for a once in a lifetime experience, with all the technicalities and bookings handled on our side. There’s no real limit to the design of your event or experience, and our services are here to help cater to your specificities, no matter how creative.

For honeymooners and to be wed couples, we promise days full of rest, relaxation, and romance, with access to fine-dining options, spa treatments, candle-lit dinners on the beach, and even professional photoshoots in the most scenic spots available. Our service offers access to the most exclusive deals and luxury locations and ensures the utmost quality of the experiences that we provide. We also tend to your smaller personal needs such as running errands, catering to specific dietary concerns, and providing access to added layers of security if required; there’s no task too big or too small for us to handle. Simply inform us of your preferences and we can string together a never-ending relay of events for the duration of your stay, so you can immerse yourself in the experience of being with each other without any added difficulties.

Our event planning services also extend to various other social and corporate events as well, with transportation handling, sending the invitations, and finding the ideal venue all provided as part of our packages. The specificities of your particular event can all be addressed in a way that suits you with our industry professionals guaranteed to secure the best deals and services. With a focus on execution combined with our local expertise, we can offer an experience unlike any other; perfect for your most cherished events.

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