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CIP / VVIP services at the Airports

Tired after a long flight or an exhausting work-day? Make your trip to the Maldives as stress-free as possible by opting for our CIP and VVIP services in the Male’ International Airport. We provide a wide range of services from access to luxury lounges to providing an escort to help you get to your destination hassle-free.

With our VVIP service, you can unwind in The Maamahi Executive Lounge where you have access to plenty of refreshments, a mini duty-free shop, and wifi, making it the ideal location in which to relax or even work in privacy. We can save you time and take care of the formalities from the moment you step off the aircraft by handling your passport and baggage clearance and even arrange for your possessions to be delivered straight to your destination, be it a resort, yacht or private island. Enhance your ease and comfort with the many services that we provide on your trip to the Maldives.

Our CIP services also ensure the presence of an escort at your arrival and a private transport customizable to fit the size of your group to get you through Male’ International Airport, with the same applying for your departure as well. Just let us know of the timing, location, and the number of guests and we’ll handle the rest, including the check-in and baggage handling technicalities. You can once again enjoy the luxuries that the Executive Lounge provides, with access to free refreshments, wi-fi, and even additional aircraft security if you so wish. We also cater to your personal needs, with access to First Aid and Emergency services if required to make your journey as safe and relaxing as possible. With our services, you can expect your needs to be met with efficiency and professionalism for the duration of your time here at the Maldives.

On top of lounge access and a fast-tracked airport experience, our concierge services also provide deluxe transportation services for any event you may have. From relaxing vacations to business conferences, we’re there for you with flexible packages that can meet any specific requirements you desire so that you can make the best of your trip. Our repertoire includes access to chauffeur services, speed boats, private jets, and yachts as modes of possible transportation. Whatever your preferences may be, we have you covered!


Receive CIPs when disembarking from the aircraft at the steps/Stairs: Our staff will meet the passengers at the first exit Step/Stairs with passengers preferred name on the welcome name board. In case passengers disembark from steps other than first and if you do not see our staff, please look for the first steps/stairs or, please call us immediately at the hotline (+960 7923480 or +960 3313256) for any assistance.

Note: In case of bad weather, our staff will meet the passenger at the arrival gate with the name board.

  • Escort to CIP lounge by CIP vehicle: If the aircraft is parked far from the CIP terminal, all passengers who have booked CIP services will be escorted to the lounge directly in a separate vehicle. A convenient shared vehicle will be provided in case more than one party has booked CIP service for the same flight. 
  • Handle passports of CIPs for immigration clearance. 
  • Clear CIPs baggage at belt and deliver to designated sea/land transport after passenger verification of baggage. 
  • Baggage storage. 
  • Escort CIPs to their designated transport. 
  • Free Refreshments (coffee, tea, juice, snacks, hot food etc…). 
  • Free Wi-Fi.


Receive CIPs from the jetty and escort to CIP lounge: If you are coming to the Airport by speed boat and wish our staff to meet the passenger at the jetty to escort directly to the lounge, please inform us the time passengers will reach the airport and jetty number or location in advance.
  • Receive baggage and process for check-in. 
  • Handle Check-in formalities. 
  • Handle passports of CIPs for immigration clearance. 
  • Escort to aircraft by CIP vehicle, if the aircraft is parked far from the CIP Lounge: Direct boarding from the lounge by CIP vehicle. A convenient shared vehicle will be provided in case more than one party booked CIP service for the same flight. 
  • First Aid Service & Emergencies (ambulance, wheelchair, and stretcher): All the First Aid charges will be compensated by the passenger. 
  • Aircraft security, on request (will be charged separately). 
  • Baggage storage. 
  • Free Refreshments (coffee, tea, juice, snacks, hot food etc…). 
  • Free Wi-Fi. 
  • Mini Duty free shop in the lounge: Passengers can go to the main Duty free shops after check-in process and immigration clearances, accompanied with our staff, if there is reasonable time between standard flights boarding time and Immigration clearance. 
  • Free Wi-Fi. 

Note: Immigration clearance for the airline Pilot, Co-pilot or crew is not available in Maamahi Executive Lounge

The price is per person, per way.

Price: 250 $