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Charter Private Islands

Experience the Maldives in the most authentic way possible by chartering your own private island. Enlist our services to help you best take advantage of the country’s natural resources and ensure the utmost privacy and luxury for your event. Be it for the sake of exclusivity, space, unrivaled natural scenery, or a highly unique adventure, chartering a private island is a guaranteed world-class experience, especially when aided by our expert services. Drawing on our experience, network, and resources, we can help you choose from a wide range of possible islands on the basis of location, proximity to dining spots, the presence of lagoons, size or any other specification you may desire.

A private island can be the ideal destination for a variety of events, from vacations where you can enjoy extreme privacy and serenity, the most exclusive parties, weddings, and honeymoons, to corporate events that foster community and relaxation. Supplement your private island charter with our event planning services to design your own luxury event without the stress of the technicalities. We can provide the amenities required for your event to succeed as smoothly as possible by taking the details you require and connecting the pieces to create one seamless experience. Want to plan an island wedding? Just tell us the fine points and we will take care of everything else and provide you with a tailor-made package through which to taste a slice of your own personal paradise.

Our concierge service also provides various transportation services to further enhance your experience. Want speed and privacy? Charter a private jet to get to your location. Prefer relaxation and beautiful natural scenery? Charter a super-yacht and arrive at the island at your leisure. Whatever your needs may be, our service is here for you, with 24/7 consultation and the expertise of a seasoned staff to help you make your decisions and iron out all the details of your event.

Price: 650 $

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