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VIP Luxury Travel Experience in the Maldives

Want to experience the Maldives at the peak of luxury? Choose our VIP luxury travel option and we’ll take care of all the details from booking the flight here to the Maldives, all the way to landing back in your destination afterward. Aimed towards clients that want an additional level of premium service, this option includes the creation of a personalized package that takes all your specific considerations into mind, such as a preferred price range, modes of transportation, and type of visit. Our VIP guests are offered a variety of services starting with a fast-track at the airport where we’ll handle all your documents, provide access to the executive lounge and escort you to your destination and back for both arrival and departure, via transport of your choice. Your package can be customized to include any of our many services including chartering a private jet to get to and from the Maldives, chartering a Super Yacht to export the tropical paradise at your own leisure, and even chartering your own private island for the utmost privacy and exclusivity. This VIP experience ensures that mobility and flexibility of options is not an issue, thereby allowing you the utmost freedom in crafting your dream vacation or trip.

We also offer event planning services that are tailor-made to your preferences and can take the burden of logistics off your shoulders. Simply provide us with the details of your event and we’ll use our extensive network and industry connections to put everything together in time for your visit. Our services also extend to your time here in the Maldives, where our assistance is available to you 24/7, and any personal concerns will be addressed with efficiency and meticulous detail. Be it for a vacation or a business conference, we’ll help you iron out all the details and get you where you need to go on time and in style. By opting for our VIP travel package, you can relax knowing that you are in extremely proficient hands.

Given our reputation in the industry, we can guarantee the best deals, prices, and access to exclusive luxury locations and services to our VIP guests, with no barriers to booking. Any additional details such as access to high-end restaurants, spas, or villas will also be handled without hassle according to what you desire. Deluxe touring options are also included if needed, offering visits to a certain local destination and diving spots, with all the formalities such as transportation and bookings handled on our side. With our VIP Travel service, you can combine a variety of first-class transportation, chartering, CIP, and event planning services into one single package and experience the Maldives at its finest with ease.

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