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Angsana Resort & Spa Velavaru

Angsana Resort & Spa Velavaru

Angsana Resort & Spa Velavaru – Angsana Velavaru, Begin with a love affair filled with twilight memories and seaside passion in the heavenly Velavaru or ‘Turtle Island’. Accessible by a 40-minute seaplane ride from Malé International Airport, this 79-villa resort is located on the immaculate South Nilandhe Atoll. An abundance of sea life adds to the unspoilt beauty of the area – sheer bliss for marine and diving enthusiasts, for the rest, it is where dreams of ultimate pampering come true.

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Quick Facts


Dhaalu Atoll

Distance from Airport (INIA):
146 Kms

Transfer type:
40 mins from Airport by Seaplane

Number of rooms:
79 Rooms

Room types:
  • Beachfront Villas
  • Beachfront Jet Pool Villa
  • Deluxe Beachfront Pool Villa
  • Velavaru Villa
  • Angsana Villa
  • Inocean Pool Villa
  • Sunset Inocean Pool Villa
  • Sanctuary Inocean Pool Villa
  • Air Conditioning
  • Mini Bar
  • Tea/Coffee Maker
  • IDD Telephone
  • Sun loungers in private garden
  • Scuba Diving
  • Angsana Spa
  • Angsana Gallery
  • Marine and Diving Centre
  • Wedding Pavilion
  • Meeting facilities
  • Cooking school


Angsana Resort and Spa Velavaru – velaavaru angsana

ANGSANA VELAVARU WELCOMES TWO-MICHELIN-STARRED CHEF ROLF FLIEGAUF Angsana Velavaru proudly welcomes European culinary star Chef Rolf Fliegauf to AZZURO in ocean restaurant. The twice 2-Michelin starred German-born brings his unmatched cooking finesse to Velavaru during a course of three gala dinners and two cooking classes from 23rd to 25th November, 2018. Ресторан AZZURO в отеле Angsana […]

2013 October fest & Golden Week Events


Beachfront Villas

(28 Rooms – Room Size: 88sqm)
Occupancy: Up To 2 Adults And 1 Infant Or Child

Watch the sun rise and set from a vantage point. Catch a panoramic view of the ocean from your beachfront villa, all day long. Enjoy each other’s company under the stars with a refreshing cocktail.


Beachfront Jet Pool Villa

(30 Rooms- Room Size:88sqm)
Occupancy: Up To 2 Adults And 1 Infant Or Child

Experience tropical living at the edge of an ocean. Give in to the romance of the ocean at the beachfront. Bask in the luxury of a private jet pool.


Deluxe Beachfront Pool Villa

(18 Rooms-Room Size: 207sqm)
Occupancy: Up To 3 Persons And 1 Infant

Experience the water world from your private pool. Enjoy sweeping views of the ocean as you wade across your pool.


Velavaru Villa

(2 Rooms-Room Size:323sqm)
Occupancy: Up to 4 person
Maximum Accommodation Is Up To 4 Persons On One King-Size Bed, One Extra Bed In The Same Room With King-Size Bed And One Extra Bed In The Separate Living Room Comprises One Bedroom With Separate Living

Enjoy a vacation with your near and dear ones. Stay in a spacious villa. Enjoy the privacy of separate living areas and lounge in a private pool.


Angsana Villa

(1 Room- Room Size:473)
Occupancy: Up To 5 Persons 2 Bedrooms

Enjoy privacy during your waking hours. Enjoy each other’s company at the tip of a private beach. In fact, everything about this villa underscores privacy, from a jet and plunge pool to living and resting areas.


Inocean Pool Villa

(14 Rooms -Room Size: 175sqm)
Occupancy: Up To 3 Persons The Inocean Villa

Relive a picture postcard fantasy. Enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean from 11 exclusive villas at the footstep of a coral reef. Ideal for couples set to exchange rings or renew vows.


Sunset Inocean Pool Villa

(17 Rooms -Room Size: 175sqm)
Occupancy: Up To 3 Persons The Sunset Inocean Villa

Take indulgence to the next level. Stay at our plush two-storey villas adorned with contemporary coral designs. Bask in the sun on the spacious outdoor deck, dip into the infinity pool or laze in a hammock suspended over water.


Sanctuary Inocean Pool Villa

(3 Rooms -Room Size: 287 sqm)
Occupancy: Up To 5 Adults 2 Bedrooms

Gaze at the vastness of the ocean from your plunge pool. Enjoy sweeping views of the ocean from any part of your villa, be it your bed or bathtub. Ideal for families, this spacious villa has two bedrooms.


Choose your preferred cuisine and ambience. Dine in the privacy of your villa, under the stars or at exclusive restaurants that serve global cuisine with a Maldivian flavour.
Unwind with a refreshing drink at the edge of the water.

Kuredhi Bar

Unwind with a refreshing drink at the edge of the water.


Azzurro Restaurant and Bar

Does your ‘Curaçao’ cocktail match the cobalt blue of the ocean?


Funa Restaurant

Was that crackling spinach or the sound of waves crashing


Kaani Restaurant


Our master chef takes you on a gastronomical journey with a lavish buffet and à la carte menu.


In-Villa Dining

A discerning eye and palate demand an eclectic cuisine and ambience.


Our award-winning spa overlooking the ocean transports you to another world. Get pampered by our experienced therapists in your private rooftop spa pavilions or our beautifully-appointed garden spa pavilions. Enjoy a sensory experience with a relaxing massage or soothing aromatherapy with a range of scented oils such as rosemary, lavender, jasmine, and frangipani.

Signature Packages

Indulge in a delightful menu of time-tested spa treatments under the skilful hands of the Angsana Spa therapist.

Calm your mind and draw in the serenity of your surroundings. Allow our therapist to offer you a soothing foot wipe, herbal drink and a few minutes to leave the cares of the world behind. Angsana sessions include a Calm Time. Enjoy the difference.

Duration: 120-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments and relaxation

Room For Two
Spa Tip: Be pampered by a series of Angsana Spa treats.
For Her: 30-minute almond milk body polish • 60-minute conditioning massage • 30-minute face massage
For Him: 30-minute tropical fruits body polish • 60-minute body massage • 30-minute Indian head massage

Duration: 120-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments and relaxation

Sun Repair
Spa Tip: A perfect remedy to soothe sun-exposed skin.
60-minute cucumber soother body conditioner • 60-minute sweet soother facial

Duration: 90-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments and relaxation

Touch Of Tradition
Spa Tip: Experience the holistic system of healing which originated from ancient India.
60-minute Ayurvedic massage • 30-minute Shirodhara

Duration: 90-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments and relaxation

Wear Radiance Like A Second Skin
Spa Tip: Personalise your spa package with your choice of body polish and massage combo to create a healthy glow.
30-minute body polish • 60-minute body massage


1 location, 101 things to do

Angsana 7

Snorkelling or surfing? Cooking or dining? At Angsana Velavaru, you will be spoilt for choice the moment the seaplane touches down on the island.

From exciting dives to a relaxing massage at the award-winning Angsana Spa, a myriad of activities are designed to cater to diverse interests, ages and preferences so as to ensure that there is something for everyone. Learn a new skill, play a new game or simply reconnect with your loved ones in a new way, a new place.

With more than 100 activities available to bring out the intrepid explorer in you, you are likely to be busy enjoying yourself so much that a return trip is inevitable. Don’t forget to squeeze in some time to do nothing – other than lie on the luscious white beach and soak in the incredible beauty of Angsana Velavaru.


Eco school / CSR

private snorking

Night snorkelling
Within our lagoon, there is a huge variety of coral, fish, manta rays and moray eels. Many of these are nocturnal. Night snorkelling is an excellent way to spot them in their natural active states and to learn more about the ecosystem. You could also see our underwater coral gardens, wedding garden and snorkelling trail in the lagoon!

Coral planting and snorkelling

Coral creates biodiversity and has a positive impact on marine life. Our marine conservation lab encourages coral planting as a way to replenish damaged reefs and your family too can be part of this meaningful movement through our coral planting and snorkelling trial.

Coral garden tours and snorkelling

If your schedule does not match the coral planting sessions, you can still have a close-up study about coral and their positive impact on the marine ecosystem through our coral garden tours. Watch how fish and crabs thrive within the coral and how replanted coral survive.

Snorkelling safari

The beautiful and abundant marine wildlife here means snorkelling anywhere close to the island is already a feast for the eyes. Deepen the experience by embarking on a snorkelling safari where a guide will show you the best places to explore and the significant role each wet animal and plant you come across plays in the marine ecosystem.

Conservation programme

The experts at our marine conservation lab dedicate their careers to marine life preservation. Learn from their wealth of experience and discover how they look after the native seabirds, turtles and coral gardens.

Paper recycling programme

Angsana Velavaru believes in recycling to reduce unnecessary waste that can pollute our environment. An important component of this belief is our paper recycling programme where we collect and treat used paper so each sheet gets a new lease of life. Come and join us to save the trees.

Marine talk

The marine lab has an intense conservation programme to create awareness and replant coral reefs as well as to protect some endangered species of marine life. The experts at the lab are always eager to share their progress and give lessons to ensure that your next generation can continue to enjoy the natural beauty of Maldives.

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