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Heritance Aarah Maldives Private Villas

Heritance Aarah Maldives Private Villas

Heritance Aarah Private Villas – Escape to Heritance Aarah, wake up in paradise to the sound of the sea, dive amidst exotic underwater marvels and dine under a majestic star-studded sky over one of the finest Maldives luxury resorts. Set amidst an unending blanket of azure with splashes of aquamarine around slivers of white sand, the Raa Atoll is a canvas painted by rich natural beauty. It is here you will find the enchanting island of Aarah, home to our luxury resort in Maldives. It is only 40 minutes by seaplane from Male, and the journey itself is an unforgettable experience, offering a bird’s eye view of paradise found.

Here you can find the resort on the map

Quick Facts


Raa Atoll

Distance from Airport (INIA):
136 Kms

Transfer type:
40 minutes by seaplane

Number of rooms:
150 Rooms

Room types:
  • Beach Private Villa
  • Pool Private Beach Villas
  • Family Beach Private Villa
  • Family Pool Beach Private Villa
  • Ocean Private Villa
  • Ocean Suite
  • Ocean Residence
  • Private outdoor area
  • Large sun deck with direct beach access
  • Jacuzzi bathtub
  • King-sized bed
  • Over-sized day bed
  • Large bathroom with outdoor shower
  • Bathtub
  • Pillow menu
  • Safety box
  • Flat screen TV
  • Marshall Bluetooth speaker
  • Wi-Fi Access
  • Mini Bar
  • Tea and coffee facilities
  • Water sports facilities
  • Pool bar
  • Laundry service
  • In-room dining
  • Foreign exchange
  • Multilingual hotel staff
  • Table tennis
  • Beach volleyball
  • Beach football
  • Badminton
  • Billiards
  • Variety of Board games
  • Chavana Spa
  • Hotel doctor
  • Fully-equipped gymnasium
  • Kid’s Club


Beach Private Villas

With golden sands at your doorstep and the call of the ocean all around, the choices for rest and recreation are seemingly endless at our Beach Villa in Maldives. Elegantly designed, each villa offers direct beach access and a large open-air veranda where you can soak up the magical coastal ambiance.


ROOM SIZE: 950 sq. ft. / 88 sq. mt. 

ROOM VIEW: Beachfront

OCCUPANCY: 02 adults or 03 adults &01 child (below 12 years)

Pool Beach Private Villas

The enchanting Pool Beach Villa is our signature accommodation and comes with a private pool complete with sun loungers. This Maldives pool villa features direct beach access perfect for a refreshing dip in the dazzling waters of the Indian Ocean.


ROOM SIZE: 1,000 sq. ft. / 93 sq. mt.

ROOM VIEW: Beachfront

OCCUPANCY: 03 adults / 02 adults & 02 children (below 12 years) Pool_Beach-villa_web

Family Beach Private Villas

A spacious getaway with direct beach access, our Family Beach Villa is the ideal home away from home where you can enjoy quality time with the kids and fun-filled frolic by the shore; come see why these interconnecting beach villas are such a popular choice amongst Maldives family resorts.


ROOM SIZE: 2,000 sq. ft. / 186 sq. mt.

ROOM VIEW: Beachfront

OCCUPANCY: 06 adults Family-Beach-Villa_web

Family Pool Beach Private Villas

Experience laid-back island living at the Family Pool Beach Villa be it relaxing in your private plunge pool or spending fun time with your nearest and dearest. These spacious villas at our family resort in Maldives also offer direct beach access and private spaces when you need some “me time”.


ROOM SIZE: 2,000 sq. ft. / 186 sq. mt.

ROOM VIEW: Beachfront

OCCUPANCY: 06 adults, 03 adults & 03 children, 04 adults & 02 children (below 12 years) Family-Pool-Beach-Villa Heritance Aarah

Ocean Private Villas

The perfect hideaway to share romantic moments, our Ocean Villas stand above a shimmering lagoon and overlook an infinite horizon. These luxurious Maldives over water villas come complete with private outdoor space where you can curl up together on a daybed or step down to the waters below.


ROOM SIZE: 1,000 sq. ft. / 93 sq. mt.

ROOM VIEW: Oceanfront

OCCUPANCY: 03 adults, 02 adults & 02 children (below 12 years)

Ocean Suites

Set amidst the hypnotic sights and sounds of the sea, the magnificent Ocean Suite is a true standout amongst Maldives hotels water villas and offers true island bliss; stargaze in your own plunge pool, unwind in the cosy living room or head upstairs and doze off to the rhythmic sounds of waves.


ROOM SIZE: 1,700 sq. ft. / 158 sq. mt.

ROOM VIEW: Oceanfront

OCCUPANCY: 02 adults & 01 child (below 12 years)

Ocean Residence

A secluded sanctuary that epitomizes refined luxury, the Ocean Residence is a premier accommodation option amongst Maldives water bungalow resorts. Let our butler service take care of your every need, take a dip in the private plunge pool or head to the terrace that overlooks inspiring ocean vistas.


ROOM SIZE: 3,400 sq. ft. / 316 sq. mt.

ROOM VIEW: Oceanfront

OCCUPANCY: 06 adults, 03 adults & 03 children, 04 adults & 02 children (below 12 years) Ocean-Residence_web



Available for all guests brings the world to your palate with International delights. Serves breakfast, lunch & dinner


Open from 7 am to 9 pm

Available for all guests, reservations required. Chic open all day semi buffet restaurant Inspired by the French and Italian Mediterranean Brasseries lining the Riviera Coast. Entice your senses with the refined flavours of an exquisite selection of gourmet dishes while here.

Heritance Aarah


Open for dinner only 7:30 pm to 10 pm

A contemporary Sri Lankan dining venue amongst our Maldives island restaurants lets you savour a myriad of bold and spicy flavours; a hallmark of Sri Lankan cuisine which will tantalise your senses.


Journeys for Dinner Only *Departure 7:30 pm

At Hathaa we celebrate the vibrant street food easy dining for all – restaurants cultures of Bangkok, Colombo, Mumbai, Istanbul, St Louis, Mexico City and Tokyo.

Hathaa_Heritance Aarah


Open from 12 pm to 7 pm for snacks and pizzas and from 7 pm to 9 pm for dinner

Available for all guests. Reservations required for dinner. Relax in an exclusive dining pod at Ginifati, a chic Maldives seafood restaurant and dine on the catch of the day, grilled to absolute perfection while being caressed by the gentle sea breeze!


Open from 7 am to 10 pm

Exclusively available for overwater suite guests. Reservations required. Baani is influenced by Parisian-Beirut café culture, designed to capture the very essence of a carefree getaway in Maldives. Dining has never been this stylish!

Bandhi Bar

Open from 11 am to 10 pm

Bandhi is Aarah’s Beating Heart. A lively and convivial central location uniting relaxed comfort and simple elegance. Chillout poolside or in the shade and allow us to take care of your every whim with our first-class poolside service, fantastic cocktails from our bar team our roaming Snack and Ice Cream Kart and not to be missed the Pizza Shack open from 3 to 5 pm daily….

Udu Bar

Open from 6 pm to 1 am

The Main night time attraction. Udu means Sky in Divehi. Situated above Haatha and Ambula under the stars Udu Bar is our stand out cocktail bar. Expect highly trained bartenders serving up the tastiest cocktails in the Maldives. From perfectly executed classics and stunning Aarah signatures to crazy molecular concoctions and the Mad Hatters Tea…Live music, table service and genuine fun till late…

Falhu Bar 

Open from 10 am to 10 pm

Falhu means lagoon in Divehi. Falhu Bar sits between our over water Infinity pool and Baani restaurant mainly serving the over water suites. Beirut meets Paris. This is a place for the refined things in life and a slower effortless style of service. Hinting at the relaxed and generous Middle East with the refinement of Paris and Rome. Falhu Bar is all about elegance and sophistication. Champagne, long drinks, freshly squeezed exotic juices, all day finger foods, personalized poolside service and shisha with a carefully curated soundtrack to bath you in all things beautiful.



Medi Spa

True inner bliss awaits at one of the most holistic Maldives spa resorts where healing hands gently soothe the senses and uplift your soul. Feel stress just melt away at one of six treatment rooms set above tranquil lagoon waters at our overwater spa, that features a sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi too.


State of the art diagnostic scanning to pinpoint problems, allowing effective prescription of remedial medical aesthetic treatments. Reverse ageing, fix fine lines and resolve pigmentation problems. When you feel
younger than the mirror is telling you, we have the solution.
Medical Assessment
Unique predictive software provides the most comprehensive medical assessments test to detect current health conditions and evaluates future disease risk to drive prevention that will increase your health span,
as well as your lifespan.

Diet & Nutrition

Discover how mindful nutrition can positively affect your general wellbeing, enjoying dishes that taste as good as they are for your body, without compromising on delicious flavors. We also offer cooking classes –
an insightful experience that will provide useful and information and new tools, so that you can incorporate healthier eating habits into your daily routine back home.

Wellness Program

IASO has been created to bring the best of western medical technology to you. Our expert medical team has devised a menu of state of the art aesthetic dermatological treatments that combine the latest in both
aesthetics and wellness, with traditional spa treatments, scenic ambience and pampering. Whether you want to reverse the visible signs of aging, de-stress & detox, lose weight, or restore your hair, you can be
assured that our medically derived programs can produce results far beyond any other spa. Our goal is to help you live your best possible life; to look and feel your best, using evidence-based programs. Our
programs do not stop when you leave Iaso, rather we take care of you with tailored at home treatments using the best products from around the world, available exclusively in a spa boutique.

Weight loss programs

Medically proven intensive weight loss programs deliver results of 8-10kg in 3 weeks. Our Doctor/Wellness expert will be by your side, to assist you throughout the program. We respect your preferences by customizing
food and personalizing an exercise plan that best suits you.

Fitness stays

Rest and relaxation are an essential part of any spa getaway, but achieving personal rejuvenation and renewal sometimes requires new activities and challenges. Our fitness assessments and programs for those
who wish to use holidays to exercise, train and improve fitness whilst away from work.

Wellness activities

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is no longer a luxury, but a necessity of everyday life. This is why IASO has the mission of encouraging our guests to take advantage of our ability to pamper you as well as our activities
to keep you in great shape. When you stay with us, you will have access to fitness activities such as yoga, pilates, crossfit, beach classes and bootcamp workouts. These have been chosen by popular demand
so those of you who want a more intense exercise experience can get it.

Salon & Nail Services

Where our spa treats your body, our salon tends to the details – refreshing your senses with revitalizing treatments that leave you feeling alive, well, and thoroughly relaxed. Offering a complete array of high-end
beautifying treatments for women and men in a breathtaking environment with sea views, the Salon is a dreamy place to find a better self. Master technicians provide personalized approaches to hair styling, coloring
and design, as well as makeup and nail services


Planned your trip and stressing over what to do in Maldives? Vacation with Heritance Aarah and make the very best of your stay. The resort offers an extensive range of exhilarating activities and entertainment programmes to keep families happy all-day long.

Watersport Heritance Aarah


At Heritance Aarah understand that children see the world in a different way. That’s why the resort offers exciting experiences to young guests through kid’s club in Maldives to expand their horizons, revealing unseen wonders at every turn.


Get inspired to keep up that positive momentum in your health regimen. Work up a sweat in our well-equipped gym at Heritance Aarah, an ideal choice for those in search of the best Maldives resort and spa options where one can stay in shape as well. Working out here will cheer you up, boost your stamina and help you find your balance.



Kite Surfng is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. It combines power kite flying with wake-boarding to create a spectacularly unique sport. Our professional Kite Surfing instructors are ready to teach everyone what Kite Surfing is all about. The pristine lagoons of Maldives with its flat water offer the best conditions for beginners and professionals alike to sail across the water on a kite-board similar to a wake-board or a small surfboard, with or without foot-straps or bindings. If you think you can handle it. Come and join us. If not, don’t worry we have the best professionals in the industry that are here to help you fly.


Snorkelling in this idyllic part of the world will be a pleasure that everyone can enjoy as it is an uncomplicated pursuit which is accessible to all. Both adults and children can take part in this simple and undemanding activity. In fact, you will be able to take your first steps in this water sport even if you are not a highly skilled swimmer.

Snorkeling_Heritance Aarah


Wind Surfing conditions are perfect for beginners or children, as the water tends to be flat and the winds light. Between the Monsoons there is always a change over period that brings unsettled winds. There may be no wind days, strong wind days or a bit of everything all in one day. There’s something for everyone.

wind-surfing Heritance Aarah


Maldives diving resorts, especially Heritance Aarah, lets you explore a magical underwater world; gear up, go down under and see for yourself, the vibrant seascape beneath the churning waves and sea. Scuba diving at sites close to our resort opens up a whole new world for you to be lost in, with everything from surreal views of the coral reef to exotic marine life that can be spotted during a dive.

Take a break from the world and dive down below, be mesmerised with the marine life as they pass by and be awed by the vivid and colourful coral reef systems underwater. Complete with gear and safety measures, scuba diving is made easier and an overall enjoyable experience for all.

Diving at Heritance Aarah


Fly boarding is one of the newest action water sports in the industry. The output which would usually propel the watercraft is redirected to two jets on the bottom of the fly-board, creating lift. Well trained, professional fly-board operator will be controlling the throttle of the wave runner, so all you have to do is fly!

Fly-boarding Heritance Aarah


Faster than a sailboat, riding the waters on a catamaran is an experience that is parallel to creating art, with the refreshing and free-flowing wind, and sails instead of brushes. Give your holiday a unique add-on by taking some time away from the beaches and golden sands.

Catamaran Heritance Aarah

One review of “Heritance Aarah Maldives Private Villas

  1. Kate / August 13, 2022

    The hotel is located in Raa Atoll,
    Transfer: 40 minutes by seaplane, medium size island approx: 600 x 300 m
    The hotel has a Sri Lankan management, there is a Russian speaking staff, a pleasant hospitality.
    The food is varied, there are evening programs: live music, dancing ets.
    The rooms are fresh, traditional Maldivian style, dominated by brown and beige colors. The water villas with lagoon view have no privacy, as these villas have a view of the island and are located quite close to island
    Water villa with a ocean view more private.
    Only 2 adults can be accommodated in the Ocean Suites.
    For water villas, suites there are separate restaurant. Butler service.
    Nice kids club, quite big with lots of activities including music corner, kids cinema (projector)
    House reef medium (for more impressions you need to swim 20-30 min by boat )
    The entrance to the sea is normal – stones happen. Shoes are not required
    I recommend this hotel for families, couples. The hotel is quite active.

    Natural Beauty5Hospitality4Room & Comfort5Food & Dining4Value for Money5

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