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Classic Dive Sites Accessible from Kandolhu

July 9, 2024

The Sublime: Kandolhu House Reef

Discover the jewel that Kandolhu Island hides below its indigo waters. The stunning reef encircling this small island is a unique habitat with a high diversity of marine life. From the giant and majestic manta rays to the friendly resident hawksbill turtles to the tiny yet colorful squad shrimp, a wide variety of marine creatures can be seen here. With multiple entry and exit points and various directions to explore, you can choose to be guided by experts or, if you are an experienced diver, lead your own adventure of discovery.

The Celebrated: Moofushi Manta Point

Located on the border of South and North Ari Atoll, Moofushi is the perfect place to encounter the majestic giants of the Indian Ocean: manta rays. These huge rays gather at this cleaning station, performing a mesmerizing circular dance while cleaner wrasse fish scrub their bodies. The small fish enjoy a “buffet” lunch by removing leftovers from the mantas’ massive mouths and cleaning parasites from their bodies. From December to April, this spectacular underwater display should be on every diver’s bucket list.

Mantas are not the only inhabitants of these rich waters. White tip and grey reef sharks, Napoleon wrasse, schools of snappers, tuna, and trevally also cruise along the Moofushi plateau year-round. Divers are invited to explore this vibrant underwater world, encountering a diverse array of marine life.

Experience the underwater wonders of Kandolhu and its surrounding dive sites. Whether you are exploring the house reef or venturing to Moofushi Manta Point, the underwater beauty of the Maldives awaits.

Kandolhu Maldivas
Kandolhu Maldives

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