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Dive into Paradise with Angsana Ihuru!

October 11, 2017


Just a 20-minute boat ride away from the Velana International Airport, lies Angsana Ihuru with azure waters of divine wild life and perfect visibility.

dedededeThe resort lies in the blue waters of the Indian ocean and it is not shocking that Angsana Ihuru is a home inches away from the famous dive points such as Lankan Manta Point, Nassimo Thila, Banana Reef and Dhon Bibi Haa.


“Dive into paradise” they say and now we know why. Providing exquisite snorkeling excursions that often result in one-of-a-kind experiences such as racing with sea turtles, hanging out with giant Napoleons or following colorful Oriental Sweetlips, the resort has surely done this tropical paradise justice.


Rising to the occasion, the Angsana Ihuru only proves to be more desirable as its unique environment and features can be shared with your significant other, family members and even your best friends! Have your ultimate weekend getaway with loved ones at one of the rustic and luxurious water villas or head down to one of the zesty hued villas offering panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. Get the spa treatment you always needed in the award-winning Angsana Spa and enjoy insightful and delicious gastronomical offers at one of the many restaurants!


Angsana Resort & Spa Ihuru