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Emergency Works | Seawall Rehabilitation at Niyama Private Islands

November 12, 2021

Niyama Private Islands is Nature’s Playground.

Recently as you may be aware, the Maldives has experienced severe storms, unfortunately, Niyama’s Seawall at the far end of Play Island was badly affected by these weather events that are beyond human’s control, and requires urgent attention to avoid tidal damage to the beach.

With the interest of protecting the specific beach area affected, the resort initiated emergency rehabilitation work that will be extended for three weeks duration commencing on the 10th November 2021.

To rehabilitate the area within a very short time, Niyama informs you that it required the support of heavy machinery that will be visible to guests at the far end of the Play Island, every effort will be made to minimize the impact on guests in this area and a strict schedule will be followed to avoid noisy works at unreasonable times.

Please find a map of the area affected by these emergency works.

Rest assured that Niyama will be operating as usual, without any disruption to any other services or facilities.

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