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“Fez” The new Shisha Lounge at Kurumba Maldives!

November 16, 2017

_DSC8360Kurumba Maldives has welcomed a whole new Shisha Lounge called “Fez” with Arabian colors and elegant designs with a wide selection of flavored Shisha, messe and taste of exquisite favorable cocktails that include a sense of exploration and discovery.

_DSC8381Formally known as “Kalhu” bar now completely redesigned as “Fez” boasts of interior design that celebrate elements and objects of Middle East.

_DSC6368“Fez” was launched on October 22nd and commenced with the Management Cocktail and Wine Tasting at Al Fresco Area, the courtyard of our three restaurant Al Qasr, Mahal and Khing Thai. The Ribbon cutting ceremony was honored by the Chairman of Kurumba Maldives and together with the clap of boduberu and the divine atmosphere at “Fez” it was definitely a night to celebrate.

_DSC8421 Daily Opened from 17.00hrs until the 01.00hrs, “Fez” is bound to leave guests pleasantly fazed by the enhanced composition of the restaurant.

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