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GoPro HERO5s land in Kandolhu Maldives Villas

July 6, 2017


Kandolhu Maldives, an intimate and contempo 30-villa resort in North Ari Atoll, Maldives, is renowned for innovative touches and engaging, genuine service. This time with the help of some of the tech’s latest gear, they aim to enhance the guest experience by letting them capture their exceptional moments underwater, and above land.

For what could be the world first, each guest villa on Kandolhu is now equipped with the latest and most versatile GoPro, the HERO5 Black, for guest usage throughout their stay. These cool little cameras pack a punch and are the perfect add-on to anyone’s holiday as it captures scenic and fun moments in an instant.

The cameras, although having the latest waterproof technology, are also equipped with the underwater housing for guests to take both snorkeling, and to deep depth diving, 4K capture resolution of the house reef’s countless turtles, sharks, and schools of fish will honor guests with unequivocal bragging rights on social media. Other features include Time Lapse for snapping the melting sun, Burst to multiple second shots for that smiling anemone fish, and a plethora of other exposure settings, among many new features to GoPro.

The resort has garnered great initial feedback and praise for what will be a sure-fire hit with guests. The team intends on providing in-depth workshops to demonstrate the camera’s vast capabilities and also provide an array of wearable and lens accessories for rental, in addition to offering a data storage and sharing service through various platforms and devices. Their hope is to engage guests by encouraging to share content via social media and on the resort’s website, in order to show the world the paradise that is Kandolhu Maldives.