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Hatchlings do’s and don’ts

August 21, 2017

Wherever you are in the world, if you are lucky enough to stumble across a nesting turtle or turtle hatchlings please follow our guidelines below:

  • Please don’t touch the turtle. Nesting female turtles may become scared or feel threatened and will abandon their nesting. Please keep your distance and observe her quietly.
  • If you see her nesting at night please don’t shine white lights directly at her, as white light disturbs sea turtles.
  • Don’t attempt to dig up her nest. If nest relocation is to take place, please leave it to the professionals. Turtle eggs are very fragile and have to be moved carefully.
  • Please don’t touch any hatchlings seen on the beach; they need to make their own way to the sea to build up their muscles for swimming.
  • If possible do inform relevant authorities of the sighting. Some areas patrol beaches for nesting turtles, others request members of the public to inform them if they see this occurring.
  • If the hatchling appears very weak or is not moving, do contact the local animal rescue services.
  • Do quietly enjoy the sighting of these wonderful creatures. This is a rare opportunity.