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Imagi-Nature Art Festival at JOALI Maldives

April 14, 2023

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Reignite Your Sense of Wonder..


Join JOALI Maldives for a joyful celebration of art and sustainability!

Curated by the acclaimed Tatiana Gecmen-Waldek, the Imagi-Nature Art Festival features collaborations with exciting international and local artists.

JOALI guests will have the opportunity to meet and interact with these talented ultra-contemporary artists. Marvel as they create unique pieces inspired by

the beautiful island, or join a workshop to make your own work of art. This immersive Art Festival promises to inspire you and free your imagination.


Meet the Artists




Born and raised in Paris, art consultant Tatiana Gecmen-Waldeck is considered a luminary in her field. With an impressive network that includes

internationally renowned galleries, collectors, auction houses and artists, she has worked with greats such as Giorgio Armani, Etro, Roger Vivier,

Cartier, Maison Kitsuné and Tods.

Now, as a valued JOALI Maldives partner, Tatiana brings to the island an extraordinary group of contemporary artists and their works.




Join Maja and connect with the creative process via iPads, entering a world where the boundaries between virtual and analogue are blurred.

Using the interface of augmented reality, she transfers her visual worlds into an expanded dimension, unfolding animated 3D objects which have

their origins in painting and collage. In this in-between space, viewers simultaneously become users.




Founded in 2012 by Nuno FS and Ale Clark, Studio Mameluca uses the medium of design to tell stories, generate questions, uncover emotions

and facilitate discovery through our senses. This visionary project began in Brazil and is currently based in Portugal.

Studio Mameluca is teaming up with Maldivian artist Kura Rappe to create a unique installation.




Meet Jeanne for an intense and intimate virtual reality experience. As you navigate by sight amongst neurons and synapses, you will encounter

“thoughts” in the form of 2D and 3D drawings.

Her visionary work offers a reflection, not devoid of humour and even cynicism, on the ills of modern society.  Her works have been shown in places

such as the KW in Berlin, the Villa Medicis in Rome, and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.




Barbara’s multifaceted work is centred around giving visibility to socio-environmental causes. Along with being a renowned visual artist,

she is also the author of Seven Years in Seven Seas, a book that traces her journey by water to over 80 countries. As a filmmaker, Barbara has led

audio-visual projects from the Amazon to Antarctica.

Barbara will be hosting special workshops for young artists and will also create a live performance on canvas to reflect the importance of connecting

with nature and preserving our planet.




Aurelie embodies the fascinating essence of movement through her collections of furniture. Guided by the flow of fibres, she blurs and stretches

the lines between art and design. Each object seems like a wild choreography in space, or a graceful aerial ocean wave. Aurelie transcends boundaries

by liberating our sense of limitations.




Maldivian sisters Hajja Nazwa and Aminath Julaila use intricate techniques to express locally inspired motifs. These gifted artists create everything

from woven baskets to macramé works.

Hajja Nazwa is an embroidery artist whose captivating blend of photography and embroidery leaves viewers in awe. Her pieces are inspired by the beauty

of nature, traditional patterns, and her own imagination. She is the founder of an art therapy project centred around embroidery art.

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