Lets Go Maldives participated in "Knowledge Fishing" organised by ASIP, Cambodia - Lets Go Maldives

Lets Go Maldives participated in “Knowledge Fishing” organised by ASIP, Cambodia

January 29, 2022

Lets Go Maldives took part at Knowledge Fishing webinar organised by Angkor Social Innovation Park, where two speakers from different backgrounds discuss and share new perspectives from cultural exchange to intercultural diversity awareness to knowledge leveraging in various sectors.

In this episode, the topic of discussion was the “Strategies in Dealing with the Pandemic and Tourism Industry
in Thailand vs. Maldives”. Ms. Alina Marchuk, Director, Brand Strategy at Lets Go Maldives and CEO / Founder at Lets Go Maldives joined together with Ms. Thitikamon Modhuang, freelance translator and voice artist from Thailand to share the information about situations in their countries.

Angkor Social Innovation Park (ASIP) is a non-profit entity affiliated with the Asian Vision Institute (AVI). It aims to develop knowledge on social innovation and provide sustainable and innovative solutions to local Cambodian enterprises.

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