Lets Go Maldives becomes the Travel Partner of the first ever Maldives-Based International Magazine ISLES!

September 17, 2017


20th of August 2017 marked a very significant day in the history of Maldives as AVAS a young local news outlet made history when launched the first-ever Maldives-based International Magazine, ISLE. Teaming up with the famous “The New York Times”, ISLES promises monthly publications aimed to bring the most prompt news in business, lifestyle travel and culture in a dual perspective of both local and global matters. Lets Go Maldives is ever so proud and humbled to be the Travel Partner of this remarkable magazine. As we believe that, ISLES will bring an outstanding change to the Travel Industry.

“Maldives has so many untold stories. ISLES would provide a unique international platform for the archipelago with extensive international distribution channels,” Mohamed Visham, Chief Editor of ISLES.


ISLES is anticipated to be placed in over 150 venues including prominent hotels, airline lounges and private clubs across UK, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore. The local distribution channels would cover the airport, several domestic airport lounges, resorts, major guesthouses and liveaboards in addition to the corporate offices across the country.

With the first JULY 2017 spread of ISLES published, the first edition of the magazine delivers an in-depth look into mega expansion project of Maldives’ main airport and the recent commercial real estate boom while the New York Times conveyed articles on the china one belt road initiative and more.

Photo Credits: AVAS Online