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Love Konnection | Kandima Maldives

December 7, 2022

#LoveKonnection at #YourKindOfPlace


Embark on a romantic escapade this Valentine’s Day as Kandima Maldives rolls down the red carpet,

making your romantic getaway anything but ordinary!

Experience moments of pure romance on the tropical slice of paradise! Oh-so-stunning destination dining under the stars;

just the two of you on a private overwater platform, lulled by the soothing sounds of waves. Experience pampering couple massage

with a vanilla latte body polish. Surrender yourself to a warm rose oil massage, and end off with a love bath, while sipping on

sparkling wine, strawberries, and chocolate.

Don’t hesitate and make your reservation now to discover much more on a special day with your loved ones.

You will be in a cocoon of love at your kind of place!Β 


Kandima Maldives

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