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New hookah menu

January 4, 2016


Originating  from  the  Middle  East,  a  hookah  or  water  pipe  as  it  is  commonly  referred  is  an  item  frequently consumed after a meal in social gathering. It is smoked through a pipe and combines a range of exotic flavours.
Dhoni  Bar,  a  favourite  bar  amongst  our  guests  is  now  offering  the  chance  to  indulge  in  hookahs  with  its  novel ‘hookah corner’. Resembling a hint of Middle Eastern architecture, hookahs are placed along with a menu of new
flavours  for  the  guests  at  a  very  affordable  price.  From  Paan  Raas;  a  nod  to  the  Indian  paan  masala  to  tropical twists such as Apricot, the new menu offers very delectable flavours to enjoy with  a cocktail, wine glass or two.
Dhoni  Bar  is  the  only venue  on  the  island  where  we serve  hookahs,  and we  hope  this  new experience will soon become a favourite with our guests.

Kuramathi Maldives

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