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Re-Vibe Collective – wellness experience @ Lti Maafushivaru Maldives

November 30, 2021

With the upcoming festive season representing a much longed-for fresh start, lti Maafushivaru will be partnering with the visiting consultants Ashtar Tashi and Kausar Sultana from The Re-Vibe Collective in December, from 7-14th December 2021 only to offer guests a rich wellness experience to Reconnect with one’s Inner-Self while on the island holiday. An opportunity for deep Cellular and Emotional Cleansing, specially curated packages are being offered to suit the guest’s needs with the purpose of nurturing one’s Mind, Body, and Soul.

The Re-Vibe experts, Ashtar and Kausar have combined experience of over three decades of working with people to find their Inner Light. They integrate psychology with various healing therapies and modalities.


Taking your well-deserved holiday relieves stress, but what about when you return to your normal routine? Do you want a complete and
happier version of you after your holiday is over?

This is an opportunity for you to decompress, release, and heal your emotional wounds before your return to your life with vigor and purpose.

The Re- Vibe Collective helps you find your Inner Voice and Balance by
– Unlocking your hidden potential
– Nurturing your mind, body and soul

An experience like a Pause in between Moments to
– Discover a safe space in comfort and luxury to feel and focus on your Personal Growth
– Learn to Lower your Barriers to Re-Connect with yourself and people around you

Choose from the custom-made packages to suit your needs and allow the Re- Vibe experts to work on you as you release and heal.

Book your package/s with the Re-Vibe Collective who will help nourish your soul and guide you how to go back to your life from holiday with peace in your soul and hope in your heart.

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