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Seaplane Operational Challenges – Dreamland & Safari Island Resort

October 23, 2021

Dreamland & Safari Island Resort would like to inform you of two major challenges that may affect the TMA (Trans Maldivian Air) Seaplane operations during the afternoon arrivals and departures from 23rd October 2021 to 31st October 2021:

1.    First being the early Sunset, which is now around 17:50 requiring seaplanes to arrive at its final resort destination for the overnight latest by around 17:45, this is in line with the Maldives Civil Aviation and International Rules governing VFR flight operations. In the event of operational delays during the day, there is no choice but to consolidate arrivals in the last rotation, based on the Atolls, to a single resort destination to ensure that our flights are able to land before Sunset at the overnight resort.

2.    Secondly, all of the major Middle Eastern Carriers such as EK, GF QR, FZ, EY, TK depart after 19:45 and as a result departure passenger numbers for the evening have increased drastically over the last week and it is expected to continue till the end of the month. This has also resulted in huge traffic at the International Airport if all the guests show up in the evening. Hence, in order to make it logistically possible and also to ensure that the guests can connect to their international flights at convenience, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, their departure seaplane would have to be scheduled from the resort much ahead of the usual norm of 3 to 3.5 hours ahead of International flight time. Rest assured, this arrangement would only be applicable till the end of the month.

Dreamland & Safari Island Resort ask for understanding and support during the next two weekends where TMA will do their best to ensure that they can provide the best transfer connections under the constraints mentioned above.

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