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Soneva Fushi and Carfax Partnership

October 9, 2014

Carfax Education Group offers tutorials to young guests

The Soneva Group has joined forces with the Carfax Education Group, elite educational agency, to offer tutorials to young Soneva guests whilst on holiday to further ‘top up’ their education.

From early November 2014 to the beginning of February 2015, 5 – 15 year old children at Soneva Fushi will be able to attend either group or personalised one-to-one tutorials with Carfax tutors. All multilingual Carfax tutors have themselves graduated from the top public schools and universities of the UK including Oxford or Cambridge Universities and offer classes in English in all main subjects including English, French, Spanish, Latin, Maths and Sciences. Ideally placed to support their young clients, they bring together a wealth of personal experience in terms of educational achievement, and an extensive understanding of the British, American and Swiss education systems.

The ultimate aim is to offer lessons at both Soneva Fushi and in the long term Soneva Kiri during all main International school holidays, starting this August 2014 at Soneva Fushi. This enables parents to enjoy guilt-free holidays with the whole family, knowing that their child’s school, college or university education is not suffering whilst away in the Maldives or Thailand. “This collaboration with Carfax is in keeping with Soneva’s ever evolving dedication to suit the needs of our younger guests”, explained the Soneva Group’s CEO and Chairman Sonu Shivdasani. “When children have finished their tutorials, they can join their friends in The Den for the more light-hearted part of their holiday. We want their learning to be fun too.” Carfax is a UK based International group of companies with a network of offices across the world. Carfax specializes in providing guidance and support to individuals and institutions who seek to access the best educational opportunities available in Britain, Switzerland, UAE and the USA. The group also offers a wide range of other related services.

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