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Testing the new stand up paddleboards in Maafushivaru

January 4, 2016


Regarded  as  a  fun  outdoor  activity  practised  by  A-list  celebrities  and  health  gurus  worldwide,  Stand  Up Paddleboarding has become a phenomenal sport in today’s world. It’s easy, adventurous and works on major muscle groups of the body while being friendly to people of all ages.

Maafushivaru is pleased to offer this experience on the resort premises now with brand new SUP boards available at its water sports centre.

Measuring 11 feet, the JOBE branded SUP boards offer seamless travelling with its ergonomic creation. You could easily pop in a dry pack filled with water or your camera as you paddle gently along the reefs of Maafushivaru and Lonubo.

We cannot encourage you enough to try this outdoor activity as it’s a great way to work out, while having fun, and best of all, it gives you amazing vistas of the underwater world below

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