The Signature Collection By Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is coming!

September 25, 2021

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is set to reveal one of the most highly anticipated 5 – Star – Award Winning “Do not Disturb” Villa-style concepts, which will be unique to the Maldives. The Signature Collection by Hideaway is set to be unveiled in early November 2021.
The concept of this iconic brand will target the most discerning of luxury travellers, seeking bona fide, opulent luxury travel experiences in the award-winning destination of the Maldives.

Seclusion and private access is the key focus, combined with distinctive Middle–Eastern influences, and – crafted Maldivian finishes, which enhances The Signature Concept, thus offering inspiring 5 – Star Villa Style living, set in the scintillating “barefoot luxury of the North Point at Dhonakulhi”.

Signature Beach Residence with Sunrise Pool. The most luxurious single bedroom beach residences on the island. It offers opulent Middle Eastern interiors and finishes and is the exemplar of privacy and seclusion. At 350 sqm (just under 4000 square feet), luxury guests can indulge in the stylish, spacious interiors that have been combined with an oversized freestanding marble bathtub and handcrafted wooden private deck, which leads onto a private swimming pool, combined with direct access to the luminous white sandy beaches at the North Point.
Grand Beach Residence with Sunrise Pool (Three-Bedroom Villa). The open-plan, unique villa offers an air of exploration, combined with a blend of Middle Eastern styles and textures, which are complemented by artisan-made furniture and enticing glass fittings. These villas are set at 700 sqm (just over 7500 square feet), offering sophisticated, signature designer-style living. A unique feature that is showcased, is the outdoor pavilion, which will enhance the oversized curved private swimming pool, that leads onto an expansive wooden deck, all to which is combined with direct access to the luminous white sandy beaches at the North Point.
Sultan Beach Residence with Sunset Pool (Four-Bedroom Villa). At 1100 sqm (almost 12000 square feet), this villa offers an elite private luxury residence experience. Guests will enjoy contemporary designs, with floor to ceiling glass windows that provide for a luminous interior, exemplary ocean views across the spatial and secluded Northern Atoll. A unique feature of this villa is the distinctive water slide feature that extends into the scintillating and ostentatious swimming pool with its stylish, oversized Pavilion on the hand–crafted Maldivian private deck.
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Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Dhonakulhi, Maldives