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Turtle Reef snorkel excursion

January 4, 2016


Snorkelling  is  a  must  in  the  Maldives  where  the  sublime  underwater  gardens  hold  secrets  and  bountiful encounters. Some argue that diving is key to gain the most of this experience, but for those whose first preference isn’t diving, then snorkelling is ideal as all you need is just a pair of flippers, mask and a snorkel.

Aqua  Sports  &  Fun  now  offers  the  chance  to  meet  and  greet  turtles  with  the  new  Turtle  Reef  snorkel  excursion. Guests  depart  in  the  afternoon  to  a  nearby  reef  a  mere  20  minute  boat  ride  away  and  jump  in  after  a  helpful briefing.

You then explore the reef until the resident turtles show up not giving much attention to the snorkellers and being in its vivid world of crunchy corals and tasty algae. Green sea turtles and hawksbill turtles frequent this area although sighting are not guaranteed there is a high chance you’d be able to see at least one.

The  excursion  is  a  great  way  to  cross  of  the  big  5  encounters  of  the  Maldives  namely  turtles,  sharks,  dolphins, manta rays and octopi.
Register yourself on this excursion and do not forget your underwater camera!

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