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Why do you need to visit Noku?

September 30, 2021

Are you tired of the crazy pace of the city? Is your eye twitching from never-ending alerts? Are you overwhelmed with the constant flow of information and responsibilities? It seems you need to reload away from the hustle and bustle of the 21st century. And Noku Maldives can be that perfect sanctuary for you to disconnect from the outside world.

What is so good about Noku?

1. Disconnection from the world

The resort was designed with the idea that guests will be able to relax completely on the island. Therefore, there are no TVs that could “overload” guests with news, there are no telephones in the rooms, the entertainment program is planned in such a way that guests can enjoy a calm and relaxing pastime. Here you also won’t find a kid’s club or Las Vegas-style parties. 

2. Personal approach

For Noku Maldives, every guest is a VIP guest. The staff will do everything possible to ensure that guests receive the best holiday experience in Noku Maldives. A personal approach can also be seen in the details. For example, a fruit plate, fresh coconut and homemade cookies are waiting at the villa for all guests upon arrival at the resort. Luggage cabinets were added to all villas so that suitcases do not get in the way of guests. Regardless of the meal plan, all guests can use a non-alcoholic mini-bar for free, as well as snorkelling equipment. These are just some examples of Noku’s care for its guests.

3. Privacy 

Noku Maldives is a boutique resort. There is a small number of villas on the island, namely 50. Of those, 20 are located directly on the island, and 30 are located in the lagoon. What does this mean for guests? That the resort will not be “overcrowded” with vacationers. In addition, there is a distance of 5 meters between the villas, where lush greenery grows, which allows you not to think about the neighbours in the nearby villa. And those looking for even more privacy can book a two-bedroom villa located at a distance of 200 metres from other rooms.

4. Unity with nature

Noku Maldives is located on a green island. The island also has a beautiful house reef, which guests can swim to in just 10-15 minutes. Snorkelling enthusiasts will be able to meet friendly turtles, reef sharks, moray eels and all kinds of reef fish, including the famous Nemo and Dory. And those who are in the mood for something more exciting can book an excursion to any of the 20 available diving spots. By the way, there are two world-famous diving spots in Noonu Atoll – Christmas Tree Rock and Orimas Thila.

5. Thari Restaurant

While making this list, we couldn’t help but mention the local restaurant Thari. What makes it stand out so much? The fact is that Noku is a Singaporean hotel chain with hotels in Japan, Thailand and the Maldives. And Thari presents a mix of dishes from those countries, which gives the restaurant and the resort as a whole its own unique and irreproducible charm.

What else is great about Noku: Spacious rooms with ocean views from any room, desserts, chocolates and ice creams produced directly on the island, access to the VIP Lounge upon arrival at Velana International Airport, an enchanting spa, a 24-hour gym and much more.

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