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Felicidade Dhigurah

Felicidade Dhigurah

Bliss dhigurah maldivas – Bliss está localizado em Dhigurah, uma das ilhas mais bonitas das Maldivas e é o lugar perfeito para experimentar a vida da ilha, mergulhar na cultura local e na natureza. Existem longas praias arenosas e oceanos frequentados por tubarões-baleia durante todo o ano. Tartarugas e arraias não são estranhas às suas margens. Depois de um dia ao sol e ao mar, parta numa aventura culinária, seja um prato local ou comida de conforto. Relaxe no jacuzzi, desfrute de smoothies e mocktails do bar e use o Wi-Fi gratuito para manter seus amigos e familiares atualizados sobre suas escapadas tropicais. Aventuras para recordar, comida para esperar e serviço com um sorriso.

Here you can find the resort on the map

Fatos rápidos


Ari do Sul

Distância do Aeroporto (INIA):
97 Kms

Tipo de transferência:
20 minutes flight + 5 minutes taxi + 20 minutes speedboat 2 hours speedboat ride from Male

Tipos de quartos:
  • Compact Room
  • Deluxe Room
  • Twin Room
  • Family Room
  • Suite
  • Televisão
  • Frigobar
  • Ar condicionado
  • Varanda com vista
  • Wi-Fi gratuito
  • Piquenique Sandbank
  • Snorkeling com tubarão-baleia
  • Pesca e churrasco
  • SUP & Canoagem
  • Desportos Aquáticos Motorizados
  • Observação de golfinhos
  • Mergulho
  • Casa Recife Snorkeling
  • Manta Snorkeling
  • Jantar Romântico
  • Sala de ginástica
  • Filmes
  • Jogos


Compact Room

For the outdoor minimalist who’s looking for a cozy room to recharge. It’s a compact room but has everything that you’ll ever need! All rooms are equipped with a television for the occasional rainy or lazy day. Breakfast is included.

Deluxe Room


Our popular standard rooms all have the typical cosy benefits such as TVs, comfortable beds, fridges, etc. Is it getting too hot outside? Hop in the hammock in your room! Breakfast is included

Twin Room

The Twin Rooms are equipped with two twin beds. Ideal for traveling friends or family! All have the typical cosy benefits such as TVs, comfortable beds, fridges, etc. Is it getting too hot outside? Hop in the hammock in your room! Breakfast is included.

Family Room


For the adventurous family/group, our Family Room is ideal for a small family or traveling friends! There are two rooms (for two persons each) which are are connected by double doors, both of which are lockable. Both rooms are equipped with a wardrobe and a television for the occasional rainy day. One room has a Queen bed, the other two Twin beds. Breakfast is included.



For the select adventurers. The suite is the size of two of our typical rooms. You’ll be able to work in the living room if you’d like or relax in the large balcony.
The bathrooms are equipped with double vanities, a shower and a bathtub. All rooms are equipped with a television for the occasional rainy or lazy day. Breakfast is included.


Hermit’s Restaurant & Cafe Bliss Dhigurah Hermit's Restaurant All the splashing in the water must has worked up your appetite and in Bliss Dhigurah they love making (and of course, eating) delicious food. In the kitchen, team strives to use local products whenever possible. On Dhigurah, they locally grow coconut, breadfruit, screw pine and chili. You’re right! The seafood is fresh from the ocean.  Don’t hesitate to ask where your food is from. Bliss Dhigurah Hermit's Restaurant The menu strikes a balance between local dishes for your culinary adventures and comfort food to get you ready for your next adventure. If you have any special dietary requirements, please let the team know in advance so that they prepare an alternative meal for you. Please, keep in mind that in the Maldives, pork and alcoholic drinks cannot be consumed on any non-resort/local island.

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Sandbank Picnic

Sandbank picnic_Bliss Dhigurah
Escape the island and enjoy the serenity and solitude of a sandbank for a few hours. Take out some snorkeling gear to explore the surrounding reef and have some refreshments in a beanbag under the umbrella.
Optional: Take away one of our Bliss-made picnic basket for a mouth watering lunch!

Whale Shark snorkeling

Snorkeling-Whale-shark_Bliss Dhugurah
South Ari Atoll is a unique spot, sporting some of the highest wild encounters of whale sharks in the world! On a clear and calm day, it’s not uncommon to spot multiple whale sharks. With snorkeling gear, you’ll be able to swim alongside these giants with ease.

Fishing & Barbeque

Fishing at Bliss Dhugurah
For centuries, the Maldives was primarily a nation of fishermen. Experience the traditional fishing lifestyle by joining the inhabitants of Dhigurah on their fishing adventures. Catch your own snapper, barracuda, grouper or other fish and have it barbecued on the rooftop or the beach!

SUP & Canoe

SUP_Bliss Dhugurah
Be one with the sea and explore the shoreline on a canoe or a standup paddleboard. You can make your way to the tip of the island or to a popular Manta Ray spot that’s nearby the Dhigurah shoreline. Feel free to pack your snorkeling gear and make your own adventure. Word of caution: Balancing on a standup paddle board may look easier than it is!

Motorized Water sports

Jetski_Bliss Dhugurah
Ready to get your adrenaline pumping? Jump aboard our 260 HP JetSki and race to the tip of the island in a matter of seconds! You can also either learn or master your wakeboard or water skiing skills. Want to happily bounce around? On our fun tubes and bananas, you can!

Dolphin watching

Dolphins_Bliss Dhigurah
We have both Bottlenose and Spinner dolphins in Ari Atoll. They typically travel in small pods ranging from five to fifteen. On rare occasions, these smaller pods merge to form a super pod that can range anywhere from 50 to over 100 dolphins. We have also seen pilot whales swim alongside the dolphins.


Dolphins_Bliss Dhigurah
South Ari Atoll is well-known for its amazing variety of fish and rich ocean life. Groupers, sweetlips, surgeonfish, fusiliers, moray eels, turtles, eagle rays, manta rays and many many more can be spotted. Nemo and Dory await you!

Manta snorkeling

Manta snorkeling_Bliss Dhigurah
The mantas that swim around Dhigurah are ‘reef mantas’. Although smaller than the oceanic mantas, the reef mantas are still pretty big, growing to an average wing span of 3-3.5 meters (9-11.5ft). Hop on a boat to snorkel or dive with these animals around the corner! Or even better, paddle away on an SUP or canoe, take a mask and plunge in just outside of Dhigurah.

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