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Raffles Royal Residence Maldivas Meradhoo

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Raffles Royal Residence Maldivas Meradhoo

Raffles Maldives Meradhoo, verdadeira elegância e natureza pura – experimente dois belos mundos em um.

Descubra as maravilhas das Maldivas com estas ofertas excecionais de suites e villas.

O Raffles Royal Residence é incomparável. Oferece todo o esplendor pelo qual Raffles é conhecida neste cenário natural incrível.

Ocupando um trecho imaculado da feliz Beach Island do resort, a vasta villa de três quartos expansível até 6 quartos é perfeita para grupos de amigos que se reúnem para uma celebração única na vida, bem como famílias que querem relaxar e ter calma. Estendendo-se confortavelmente por mais de 1.700 metros quadrados e acomodando até 15 convidados, o coração da Royal Residence são as três salas de receção consecutivas que margeiam sua piscina de 40 metros e olham para a praia privativa da propriedade. Seja saboreando um churrasco completo, desfrutando de uma festa na piscina ou simplesmente admirando vistas desimpedidas de outro pôr do sol impressionante, tudo o que a propriedade oferece pode ser apreciado em absoluta exclusividade.


Fatos rápidos


Atol Gaafu Alif

Tipo de transferência:
Domestic flight from Male to Kaadedhdhoo. From there to Meradhoo island - speedboat transfer.

  • Clube infantil
  • Termas
  • 3 Restaurantes
  • 2 bares
Tipos de quartos:
  • Raffles Royal Residence

Número de quartos:
38 Quartos

  • Pesca desportiva grande
  • Vida Subaquática
  • Mergulho com snorkel em Housereef
  • Jet Ski

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Raffles Residência Real

Raffles Residência Real

Tamanho do quarto: 1700 m². Acomoda 8 pessoas. O Raffles Royal Residence é incomparável. Oferece todo o esplendor pelo qual Raffles é conhecida neste cenário natural incrível. Ocupando um trecho ...

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A fogueira

À luz cintilante do fogo do carvão, enquanto saboreia um coquetel gelado ou uma taça de vinho de nossa excecional seleção de sommeliers, observe nossos chefs usarem uma das formas ...

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Yuzu, Cozinha Nikkei

Em um ambiente distintamente romântico sobre a lagoa, nossos chefs misturam pratos tradicionais peruanos com influências da Espanha, Itália, China e Japão para capturar a diversidade deste legado culinário único.

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Bar Longo

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Yapa Sunset Bar

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Raffles Spa

No abraço pacífico do spa sobre a água, o seu nível de relaxamento será profundamente aprofundado. Seja um dos tratamentos de bem-estar que combinam o poder da natureza com rituais ...

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Raffles Royal Residence

Room size: 1700 sqm. Accommodates 8 people.

The Raffles Royal Residence is beyond compare. It offers all the splendor Raffles is known for in this most incredible natural setting.

Occupying an unblemished stretch of the resort’s blissful Beach Island, the vast three-bedroom villa expandable up to 6 bedrooms is perfect for groups of friends gathering for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, as well as families who want to kick back and take things easy. Stretching comfortably over 1,700 square meters and accommodating up to 15 guests, the Royal Residence’s heart is the three consecutive reception rooms that border its 40-meter pool and look towards the property’s private beach. Whether savoring a fully catered barbecue, enjoying a boisterous pool party, or simply admiring unimpeded views of another staggering sunset, everything the property offers can be enjoyed in absolute exclusivity.

Raffles Maldives Meradhoo’s Marine Butlers can lead guided explorations of the resort’s two spectacular house reefs, while the Royal Residence Butler will be available at any time of day or night to facilitate private boat trips, hearty feet-in-the-sand meals under the shimmer of flickering tiki lights at barbecue restaurant The Firepit, or indulgent treatments at the resort’s overwater spa.

Of course, with so much space entirely and solely at their disposal, guests might simply while away days without leaving the Royal Residence at all. Spa treatments can also be arranged on-site; Raffles Maldives Meradhoo’s team of Children’s Butlers can be enlisted to entertain younger visitors; and a multitude of special events, from surprise birthday parties to decadent anniversary dinners, can be happily facilitated. Up to 24 guests can gather for a show-stopping meal to remember in the villa’s kitchen and dining room. Overlooking the lagoon and with its private bar stocked with rare spirits and the finest cigars, the expansive roof terrace works just as well as an intimate eyrie for evening sundowners as it does for morning yoga sessions sound-tracked by gently lapping waves.




From pastries and fresh fruits at breakfast to vibrant salads and a la carté dishes at lunch and themed dinner nights, guests can relax in this informal, open space in the cooling drift of the gentle ocean breeze.

The firepit

In the flickering light of the charcoal fire, while sipping a chilled cocktail or a glass of wine from our exceptional sommelier selection, watch our chefs use one of the oldest forms of cooking to create a stunning, flavorsome feast. Romantic, natural, and relaxed, The Firepit is unique. From here, sunset watching and star gazing is more than magical.

Yuzu, Nikkei Cuisine

In a distinctly romantic setting over the lagoon, our chefs blend traditional Peruvian dishes with influences from Spain, Italy, China, and Japan to capture the diversity of this unique culinary legacy.

Long Bar

With a list of vintages to match those reserved in the British Royal cellars, the Long Bar is dedicated to the most luxurious of moments. With its chic design and beachfront position, time spent here is the ultimate in elegant indulgence.

Yapa Sunset Bar

Sitting over water adjacent to Yuzu, this is a charming environment in which to sample authentic Japanese Sake or a luscious cocktail using Picso, Mezcal or Tequila. Our world-leading mixologists are there to guide you through the various flavors before preparing your drink with or without accompanying sushi, sliders or oysters.


Raffles Spa

Raffles Spa

In the peaceful embrace of the overwater spa, your level of relaxation will be profoundly deepened. Be it one of the wellness treatments which combine the power of nature with ancient rituals to heal, soothe, nourish and uplift or the innovative beauty treatments, their therapists will ensure that you have the finest, most personalized wellbeing experience.

You will find a high-quality, well-equipped fitness center in their spa. Our Life fitness® provides spacious, customized, wellness areas and supplies fitness facilities to meet all your needs.

In addition, our garden jogging track, outdoor pool, and clean, calm lagoon offer environments in which to keep up your regular fitness routine in the fresh, open air.

Treatments at Raffles Spa

  • Raffles Signature massage
  • Enrich yourself
  • Regenerating Anti-Aging Facial


Hours of operation of Raffles Spa

Daily from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm


  • Big game fishing
  • Underwater Life
  • Housereef Snorkeling
  • Jet Ski

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