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Veligandu Island Resort & Spa

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Veligandu Island Resort & Spa

Veligandu Island Resort – Veligandu Resort, rodeado por uma bela lagoa, um excelente recife de casa e longas extensões de praia de areia branca, é o único Resort na ilha de Veligandu, Atol de Ari Norte. Tem 600 metros de comprimento por 150 metros de largura, cerca de 22 hectares. Sua transferência de hidroavião do Aeroporto Internacional Ibrahim Nasir é um voo cênico de 20 minutos. 81 quartos incluem 54 Jacuzzi Water Villas, 10 Water Villas, 12 Jacuzzi Beach Villas e 5 Beach Villas.

Fatos rápidos


Alif Norte

Distância do Aeroporto (INIA):
51 Kms

Tipo de transferência:
20 mins from Airport by Seaplane

  • Ar Condicionado
  • Frigobar
  • Televisão de ecrã plano e leitor de CD/DVD
  • Telefone IDD
  • Comodidades para fazer chá e café
  • Secador de cabelo
  • Acesso à internet sem fio
  • Cofre no quarto
  • Base de ligação para iPod
  • Casa de banho parcialmente ao ar livre com chuveiro de efeito chuva
  • Acessórios de banho
Tipos de quartos:
  • Beach Villa
  • Jacuzzi Beach Villa
  • Jacuzzi water Villa
  • Water Villa


Número de quartos:
81 Quartos

  • Mergulho
  • Excursão
  • Mergulho com snorkel
  • Sunset Punch Criuise
  • Ilha do Piquenique
  • Viagem à Ilha Kuramathi
  • Fundição de peixes
  • Pesca Esportiva


Here you can find the resort on the map

Villa de praia

Villa Jacuzzi Praia

Villa Água

Villa Água Jacuzzi

Villa de praia

Tthe mesmo, mas menor do que Jacuzzi Beach Villas, com azulejo, não piso de madeira do quarto e uma boa mas mais estreita vista da lagoa 5 Quartos – 71 ...

Villa Jacuzzi Praia

São os mesmos que Jacuzzi Water Villas, mas localizado na praia (sem escadas para o mar) 12 Quartos-86 Metro Quadrado Ocupação: Máximo 3 Adultos Ou 2 Adultos + 2 Crianças

Villa Água

Water Villas, são como o Jacuzzi Water Villas com uma casa de banho interior (não uma parcial ao ar livre) e uma banheira de hidromassagem (não um jacuzzi exterior para ...

Villa Água Jacuzzi

Localizado sobre a água, na lagoa… uma curta caminhada ao longo do seu píer privado até este refúgio isolado com uma área externa murada privada com uma banheira de hidromassagem ...

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O restaurante principal, onde você pode desfrutar de “tudo o que você pode comer” refeições em estilo buffet para café da manhã, almoço e jantar, uma variedade de cozinhas internacionais ...

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Não há cenário mais romântico do que “sob as estrelas”, seja ao lado do Restaurante Madivaru ou no Banco de Areia, se o tempo permitir. Horário: 1930 – 2130.

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Na Ilha Veligandu simboliza um espaço de completo refúgio sensorial, onde o tempo é deixado à porta e uma nova jornada começa. Harmoniosamente projetado na lagoa azul-turquesa, nosso Over-Water-Spa oferece ...

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MERGULHO Os mergulhadores Ocean-Pro podem desfrutar da variedade de 20 locais de mergulho, adequados para iniciantes a mergulhadores mais experientes. Os locais incluem thilas emocionantes, locais de recifes externos e ...

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Beach Villa

5 Rooms- 71 Square Meter
Occupancy: Max 3 Adults Or 2 Adults + 2 children

the same but smaller than Jacuzzi Beach Villas, with tile, not wood bedroom floor and a good but narrower view of the lagoon

Jacuzzi Beach Villa

12 Rooms-86 Square Meter
Occupancy: Max 3 Adults Or 2 Adults + 2 children

are the same as Jacuzzi Water Villas but located on the beach (no stairs into the sea)

Water Villa

10 Rooms -58 Square Meter
Occupancy: Max 3 Adults

Water Villas,  are like the Jacuzzi Water Villas with an indoor (not a partial open air) bathroom and a whirlpool bathtub (not an outdoor Jacuzzi for two)

Jacuzzi Water Villa

54 Rooms- 86 Square Meter
Occupancy: Max 3 Adults Or 2 Adults + 2 children

located over-the-water, in the lagoon…a short walk along your private jetty to this secluded hideaway with a private walled-in outdoor area featuring a Jacuzzi for two “under the stars”, a wooden sundeck, chaise lounges, a shaded area, tropical plants, a private sundeck with stairs into the sea and the most magnificent views of all…




The main restaurant, where you enjoy “all you can eat” buffet style meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a variety of international and regional cuisines to please everyone’s taste. Sunday night dinner is Maldivian night with a themed menu and waiters in traditional dress. Sunday breakfast welcomes you with complimentary Sparkling Wine.The buffet lines include live action cooking stations where food is prepared to your order. Soups, breads and desserts are homemade and the fresh, tropical fruits are delicious. Your waiter will seat you at whichever available table you prefer and will make you feel welcome and at home with his friendly and attentive service. The Restaurant is divided into 3 separate dining areas, in the traditional open – air style with sand floor and thatched roof. There is also outdoor seating on a wooden deck. Guests with special dietary needs should advise us, beforehand.

Dress can be very casual. Many guests are barefoot. Bathing suits may be worn for breakfast and lunch as long as women wear a cover-up or sarong and men wear a short sleeve polo shirt (not sleeveless). Shorts and short sleeve polo shirt (not sleeveless) are customary for dinner or you can dress up as you wish


Featuring fresh, grilled seafood and prime beef.Located on the west side of the island.Reservations recommended. 

Hours: 1930 – 2130.


Served at the pool and at the Thundi Bar.
All Day Dining Menu: 1230 – 1730.


Treat yourself to a special Champagne Breakfast for two.
Hours: 0730 – 1100.
All Day Dining Menu: 1230 – 2100.


There is no more romantic setting than “under the stars”, either beside the Madivaru Restaurant or on the Sand Bank, weather permitting.
Hours: 1930 – 2130.



at Veligandu Island symbolizes a space of complete sensory haven, where time is left at the door and a new journey begins. Harmoniously designed in the turquoise lagoon, our Over-Water-Spa offers the perfect environment to sooth your body, stimulate your mind and strengthen your spirit.Imagine a deep sense of calm, joy and serenity, a feeling of contentment and happiness.Experience the balance between inner and outer beauty, between that which is visible and that which lies within.At Duniye Spa your needs and concerns are in good hands; genuine care, acute attention to detail paired with customized and excellent service ensure that you will enjoy pleasure and maximum benefits with each treatment, treasuring each moment every day!

Holistic spa services with exclusive product lines, Pure™ and [comfort zone], are designed to calm, relax, rejuvenate and nourish body, mind & soul. Latest scientific research and development ensure that our products deliver a high performance spa experience with outstanding results.

Let our skilled therapists take you on this rejuvenating journey to cheerful relaxation and well-being.



Ocean-Pro divers can enjoy the variety of 20 local dive sites, suitable for beginners to more experienced divers. The sites include thrilling thilas, outside reef sites and channel dives.We dive all of Rasdhoo Atoll, from North to South and East to West. With only one other resort nearby, Ocean-Pro divers will generally have the luxury of being the only divers on site!

In the small Rasdhoo Atoll there is no specific season for the mantas and you have the chance to see them on various dive sites throughout the year. There is usually a higher concentration of mantas in the months of December and March. White tip reef sharks can be seen on almost every dive, and the sighting of grown black tips is common. Grey reef sharks can be seen at Madivaru Corner and Kuramathi Thila, the best time being around Feburary. A big highlight is our “Big Blue” where you have a good chance year-round to see hammerhead sharks!
Enjoy the underwater wonderland of the nearby coral reefs at Madivaru, Rasdhoo and KuramathiRent snorkeling equipment from the Dive Center for US$7 per person or purchase it from the Gift Shop Remember not to touch the coral or any other marine creatures! It is illegal to collect live shells or coral
Enjoy a late afternoon dhoni cruise, photograph a beautiful tropical sunset and hopefully, watch the dolphins play!  Includes  a glass of special punch or house wine Other beverages are available at Veligandu bar menu prices
See how our neighbors live and work together in a nearby, traditional fishing village    Shop for souvenirs in the local shops The required clothing to be worn when visiting a local island, at the minimum is a t-shirt with short sleeves; and for women, knee length shorts, and for men, shorts
Visit Madivaru and Madivaru Finolhu; a picnic island for lunch, a snorkel and  a swim;Rent snorkeling equipment from the Dive Centre for US$7.00 per person per day or purchase from the Gift Shop


Enjoy a sightseeing visit to the nearby Kuramathi Island Resort, with its more than 300 rooms divided into Kuramathi Village, Kuramathi Cottage Club and Spa and Kuramathu Blue Lagoon


Use of fishing equipment included; however broken tackle, line or missing lures will be charged to your account


Use of fishing equipment included; however broken tackle, line or missing lures will be charged to your account Includes morning coffee or tea and pastry. Beverage is available aboard at Veligandu bar prices

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