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Остров радости от The Cocoon Collection

Остров радости от The Cocoon Collection


Открытие 1 сентября 2023 года!


Остров Радости, радостный остров — название как никогда подходит.

Остров счастья, полный мероприятий и услуг, которые сделают ваше пребывание веселым

и удивительно.

Форма этого прекрасного острова напоминает бабочку, широкий белый песчаный пляж, окруженный

потрясающая бирюзовая лагуна и домашний риф на одной стороне острова.

Остров Джой расположен в Северном Мале Атолле, всего в 40 минутах езды на скоростном катере.

из международного аэропорта Велана.

Here you can find the resort on the map

Краткие факты


Северный атолл Мале

Расстояние от аэропорта (INIA):
40 Kms

Тип передачи:
40-minute transfer by speedboat from Velana International Airport

Количество комнат:
151 Номера

Типы номеров:
  • Beach Villa
  • Lagoon Villa
  • Beach Suite
  • Lagoon Suite
  • Family Beach Villa
  • Beach Suite Pool
  • Lagoon Suite Pool
  • Joy Lagoon Suite
  • Joy Beach Suite
  • Плавательный бассейн
  • Курортный бутик
  • Няня
  • Услуги прачечной (без химчистки)
  • Питание в вилле
  • Гостиная в течение всего дня
  • Полностью оборудованный тренажерный зал
  • Детский клуб Джой
  • Dream SPA
  • Водные виды спорта и дайвинг-центр PADI
  • Теннисный корт
  • Корт для паддл-тенниса
  • Ежедневные экскурсии на лодке
  • Снорклинг


Beach Villa



Quantity: 40 units (50sq m / 538sq ft) 

Maximum Occupancy: Two Adults & One Child / Three Adults



Joy Island’s entry level room, 50-square meters Beach Villas are located on the east side of the island

with an amazing sunrise view.

Each villa includes a typical open air Maldivian bathroom for an authentic experience.


Lagoon Villa



Quantity: 40 units (60sq m / 646sq ft) 

Maximum Occupancy: Three Adults



These luxurious 60-square meters overwater villas are the epitome of understated elegance.

Lagoon Villas are located on the east side of the island, from where you can enjoy the sunrise

from the privacy of your room.


Beach Suite



Quantity: 20 units (70sq m / 753sq ft) 

Maximum Occupancy: Three Adults & One Child



Beach Suites, at 70-square meters, offer more space with larger living rooms and bathrooms.

They are located on the opposite side of the island with respect to Beach Villas, promising a stunning

sunset view. Each Beach Suite includes a typical open air Maldivian bathroom.


Lagoon Suite



Quantity: 9 units (70sq m / 753sq ft) 

Maximum Occupancy: Three Adults 



Joy’s 70-square meters Lagoon Suites provide direct access to the turquoise lagoon, and guests

enjoy stunning views over the ocean, complete with outrageous evening sunsets.


Family Beach Villa



Quantity: 20 units (100sq m / 1,076sq ft) 

Maximum Occupancy: Six Adults / Four Adults & Two Children 



Joy’s huge 100-square meters Family Beach Villas are the perfect option for families of three

or more with an inter-connecting door from the veranda. They are ideal for parents who wants

to stay close to their children, but also want their own privacy.


Beach Suite Pool



Quantity: 10 units (100sq m / 1,076sq ft) 

Maximum Occupancy: Three Adults & One Child 



Joy’s Beach Suites with Pool are the ultimate in self-indulgence.

Guests can enjoy a large, 100-square meters suite with sunset view that comes with a private

pool overlooking the beach.


Lagoon Suite Pool



Quantity: 10 units (100sq m / 1,076sq ft) 

Maximum Occupancy: Three Adults 



The 100-square meters Lagoon Suite Pool are a step-up in extravagant luxury, these suites

come with a wade-in private pool on the sundeck.

Ideal for couples who wants to enjoy a romantic escape in an amazing landscape.


Joy Lagoon Suite



Quantity: 1 unit (280sq m / 3,014sq ft) 

Maximum Occupancy: Six Adults 



Joy’s largest overwater suite, 280-square meters; this luxurious villa features modern furniture

with colours that complements the amazing landscape.This corner of heaven is ideal for submerging

in a special retreat, far from the busy life. It has a big private deck with sunbeds, a gorgeous lagoon setting

with a private pool and sunset view. The suite offers everything you could want for an exclusive, romantic

and unforgettable holiday in the Maldives.


Joy Beach Suite



Quantity: 1 unit (300sq m / 3,229sq ft) 

Maximum Occupancy: Six Adults / Four Adults & Two Children



The 300-square meters Joy Beach Suite is the ultimate in lux comfort, and is the largest

guest suite on the island. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a magnificent living room. It also presents

an outdoor dining area, with a private plunge pool. Its stunning beachfront setting affords a jaw dropping

view of the lagoon and of the sunset.


Beach Villa

Lagoon Villa

Beach Suite

Lagoon Suite

Family Beach Villa

Beach Suite Pool

Lagoon Suite Pool

Joy Lagoon Suite

Joy Beach Suite

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Restaurants & Bars




Joy Island’s main restaurant is an open-air market style which provides a great variety of cuisines

from all over the world. Different daily themes will spoil all tastes and culinary needs.

This very special restaurant offers a service that reminds you of the biggest cosmopolitan cities in the

world, but from where you can see the amazing Indian Ocean.




Next to the pool is the typical Italian pizzeria, il Basilico. Here you will find some of the main and

most loved Italian dishes, overwhelmed by nature and tropical colours.




Joy Island’s main bar, as suggested by the name, is full of colours and happiness. The Rainbow bar

is a convivial meeting spot. Here, resort serves freshly made cocktails and wide varieties of wine,

accompanied by live music performances and entertainment every night.




On the tip of the island you can find our Chiringuito; this is both a restaurant and a bar.

Lunch is offered in an amazing paella while used for suggestive BBQs under the stars.

The Market

II Basilico



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Dream SPA


Joy Island’s experienced SPA therapists will make your serene holiday dream come true with a wide range

of therapeutic treatments from various corners of the world to ensure a sublime spa experience, designed

to heal the mind, body and spirit. Located overwater, the treatment rooms are ideal for couples treatments

and massages in complete privacy with a stunning view of the Indian Ocean.




Sports & Activities


Fully equipped water sport and PADI diving center offering various water activities with professional instructors an ultimate

equipments. House reef on one side of the island reachable by a short swim. The resort also has a tennis court and a

paddle tennis court.

Daily boat excursions to discover nearby islands and snorkeling in the majestic reefs nearby.


Kids Club


Joy’s Kids Club has a wide variety of activities to keep younger guests happy and entertained. The Kids club is fully

supervised by professional adult staff.


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