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Amari Havodda Maldives


amari havodda maldives

Amari Hovodda Maldives – Amari hovodda, few places are still secluded, left untouched and completely exotic. Few places will let you truly get far away, disconnect, leave it behind, relax and unwind.

Cast yourself to somewhere private, where powder soft sand caresses the beach, where hidden turquoise lagoons are home to breathtaking reefs, where elegant yet naturally simplistic beach or overwater villas have been created for you to rest and sleep. Enveloped by stunning nature and tropical scenery, we’ve created a pristine island hideaway for you in one of the most preserved atolls in the Maldivian archipelago. From snorkeling on the spectacular coral zones, to lounging around as the sun goes down, Amari Havodda is a jewel waiting to be found.

To travel is to explore, to stay and discover, to share experiences that will turn you into a storyteller. The tans may fade but the special moments you find will certainly last the test of time. We hope to have the pleasure to welcome you. Slow life will be exactly how you imagined it to be. Paradise is going to be hard to leave.

Enveloped by the exotic nature that the Maldives are renowned for, Amari Havodda offers a private and pristine island hideaway on one of the most preserved atolls in the archipelago. From snorkeling on the house reef to lounging on the powder soft sand, Havodda is a jewel waiting to be discovered.

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Quick Facts


Gaafu Dhaalu

Distance from Airport (INIA):
400 Kms

Transfer type:
*Domestic Flight+Speed Boat

Number of rooms:
120 Rooms

Room types:

*Beach Villa
*Sunset Beach Villa
*Beach Pool Villa
*Overwater Villa
*Overwater Pool Villa


*Covered open-air landscaped courtyard bathroom with shower
*Double sink counter and feature bathtub
*Free WiFi
*Health Clinic
*Souvenir and gift shop
*Jewelry and craft shop
*Babysitting service
*Air-conditioning and ceiling fan
*Complimentary coffee/tea making facilities
*Personal safe


*Breeze Spa with nail and hair salon
*Swimming pool with children’s area and sundeck
*Water Sports Centre
*Euro Divers Diving Centre
*FIT Centre
*Boat excursions
*Floodlit, all weather, tennis/multipurpose court
*Beach volleyball court
*Organic vegetable and herb garden



We offer you two principal villa types, Beach and Overwater, each with uninterrupted views over the reef and the azure ocean beyond. Designed within a theme of natural simplicity, all villas feature:

*King bed
*Private terrace
*Oversized day bed
*Covered open-air landscaped courtyard bathroom with shower
*Double sink counter and feature bathtub
*Flat screen LED TV
*Free WiFi
*Air-conditioning and ceiling fan
*Complimentary coffee/tea making facilities
*Personal safe

Beach Villa
Imagine a sanctuary of seclusion and tranquility, where palm trees sway as you gaze out to the azure bay, where comfort and luxury meet effortlessly. Imagine waking up in the mornings in a spacious villa with a spectacular view or sipping cocktails on your private terrace. Imagine doing nothing. Imagine this now, imagine how amazing your stay will be.

Features: Ocean view, 40 inch LED TV, free WiFi
Approximate Size: 95 square metres
Maximum Adults: 3 (including one extra bed or daybed)
Bed Type: King
Inter-connecting Rooms: Not available



Sunset Beach Villa

You’re sat on your private outdoor terrace after a day of play, cocktail in one hand, sea breeze whispering away. The sun starts to fade, the horizon gently lights up, and a magnificent spectrum of colours unfolds. A truly spectacular sight to witness, the beginning of a Maldivian evening discovered from your villa is an experience to share and cherish.

Light tones, modern technology, elegantly casual, incredibly homely, our Sunset Beach Villa offers you the surrounds for a perfect island hideaway.

Features: Ocean view, 40 inch LED TV, free WiFi
Approximate Size: 95 square meters
Maximum Adults: 3 (including one extra bed or daybed)
Bed Type: King
Inter-connecting Rooms: Not available

sunset wailea-beach-villas-sunset

Beach Pool Villa

Escape to a secluded island, soak up the Maldivian rays. Stretch out on your sun lounger or take a dip in your private plunge pool as you look out to an incredible view. Sublime bed that will make it effortless to fall asleep, covered outdoor bathroom with rain shower for you to bathe, modern technology in your villa when you want to play, all expertly combined for you to have a ‘life-time memory’ stay. Home is where the heart is. Home is where the pool is. We hope you’ll feel right at home here.

Features: Private pool, 40 inch LED TV, free WiFi
Approximate Size: 121 square metres
Maximum Adults: 3 (including one extra bed or daybed)
Bed Type: King
Inter-connecting Rooms: Not available

beach-pool-villa-1 beach-pool-villa-2  beach-pool-villa-4

Overwater Villa

We’re inviting you to experience our exquisitely designed villa, perched above the ocean with a view you’ll find spectacular. You’ll be able to dive into water so clear you’ll see the seabed or have an intimate alfresco meal on your private deck. Step inside to an understatedly elegant space, where an inviting four-poster king bed, outdoor covered bath area and modern technology have thoughtfully been put in place

We’re inviting you to paradise, to discover heaven on earth. We look forward to meeting you and to have the pleasure of being your gracious host.

Features: Direct ocean access, 40 inch LED TV, free WiFi
Approximate Size: 77 square meters
Maximum Adults: 3 (including one extra bed or daybed)
Bed Type: King
Inter-connecting Rooms: Not available
Important: Children under 12 are unable to stay in this villa

water-suite-1 water-suite-2 water-villa-bathroom

Overwater Pool Villa

Our Overwater Pool Villas epitomize comfort and understated luxury. Here you’ll be able to seek solitude and tranquility, here you’ll be able to discover what we think could be the perfect stay.

Picture this. You wake up in the mornings to a canvas of clear skies and turquoise seas, you have breakfast then step out to soak up the Maldivian sun on your lounger or over water hammock from the privacy of your villa. When you start to feel the heat, you take a dip infinity edge pool or wander down your lagoon access stairs and slip into the calming blue. You wind down with a cool drink or romantic dinner on your outdoor deck before reclining to your master suite where the lull of the Indian Ocean will help rest. When a new day approaches, you start again.

This is why you come to the Maldives. You’re going to find that bliss really does exist.

Features: Private pool, direct ocean access, free WiFi
Approximate Size: 153 square metres
Maximum Adults :3 (including one extra bed or daybed)
Bed Type: King
Inter-connecting Rooms: Not available
Important: Children under 12 are unable to stay in this villa






The resort offers a number of culinary options for guests with International and Asian flavours through breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Robatayaki Grill: Presenting a unique take on grilled seafood and prime cuts.

Amaya Food Gallery: Serving a great selection of Asian and international dishes throughout the day.

Thari Bar: Shaking up cocktails, drinks and snacks while the sun shines and beyond, around the main pool deck.

Iru Bar: Casual beach bar to experience sunsets and more.

Pizza Kaage: Offering take away pizzas, light meals and snacks through the day to enjoy on the beach or in the privacy of your own villa.



Boasting a lush garden setting with six treatment pavilions and calming water features, Breeze is refreshingly down to earth and bursting with zest and color. The Breeze concept is all about creating positive balance and putting a bounce in your step, setting you up for a perfect day in paradise.


*FIT Center
*Swimming Pool
*Water Sports Center
*Dive Center
*Boat Excursions
*Tennis Courts
*Beach Volleyball Court
*Organic Gardens

One review of “Amari Havodda Maldives

  1. Elena Ovcharuk / November 3, 2017

    Amari Havodda 4*

    Новый отель, на экзотическом острове Тинадхоо, всего в часе Местными авиалиниями от аэропорта г. Мале, но дорога того стоит, потому как атолл Гаафу славится нежно-берюзового цвета водой с различными морскими жителями включая огромных подводных черепах, которые стаями живут на местных рифах. Порадует гостей не только фантастическая красота острова и океана, но и сам отель.
    Новый отель Amari 5* работает на Full bord , постоянно радуя гостей различными изысками кухонь всех стран мира, в меню всегда блюда на любой вкус, не смотря что фулборд –это шведский стол, но подача очень многих блюд осуществляется для каждого гостя индивидуально, а не просто собрана еда и разложена по огромным блюдам как это обычно бывает.
    В отеле есть огромный инфинити бассейн, на общей зоне рядом с баром, детский клуб, спа салон, вотер спорт активити, вообщем стандартный набор Мальдивских развлечений)
    Виллы стоят довольно таки на удаленном расстоянии друг от друга и между ними «живая» зеленая изгородь, поэтому можно не беспокоится о наличие соседей), всегда есть место для приватности.
    Виллы –новые,очень комфортные, просторные с прямым выходом на пляж.
    С вотер вилл можно сразу нырять на риф.
    Рекомендуем всем абсолютно,как и семьям с детишками так и парам для уеденения. В период пребывания отель был полон гостей, но на самом деле этого не чувствовалась…ни какой нигде толпы и спешки..все размеренно и очень спокой но.
    Теперь по тонкостям размещения
    Standard Villa, Beach Villa, Sunset Beach Villa – это абсолютно одинаковые виллы! А имеют они различие по стоимости лишь потому, что Стандарт виллы расположены в боковой ( удаленной части острова), просто бич вилла на санрайз стороне, ну и соответсвенно сансет виллы на закате) Если гостям не принципиально где размещаться, то можно выбрать и стандарты. По квадратуре, внутреннему убранству, виллы абсолютно идентичны)
    В целом пребывание на острове оставляет приятное впечатление, это как раз те самые Мальдивы, которые туристы привыкли видеть на картинках.)

    Natural Beauty5Hospitality5Room & Comfort5Food & Dining5Value for Money5

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