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Founded in 2005, Lets Go Maldives is one of Maldives’s largest and award-winning inbound Tour Operators (DMC), offering the widest variety of holiday deals anywhere in the Maldives, be it exotic resort hotels, or lavish safaris, excursions of any type or even exclusive Private Island deals.

We are more than just travel specialists, our specialties include planning quality custom-made packages at best prices, arranging luxury holidays for VIP clients, representing and handling travel agents, providing super-yacht charters and aviation ground-handling assistance. Our strength stems from the fact that we have direct contracts with over 160 resort hotels and safari yachts across the Maldives. We have very strong relationships with local authorities, hotels, airlines and the tourism industry in general and there are no doors that will not open for us in this Industry. Hence, we offer prices like no other and a full range of other services along with best local expertise.


  • To guide our clients through their journey to Maldives;
  • To define explicit and implicit needs of our clients & provide individual approach;
  • To ensure absolute intuitions, inspirations and initiatives of our team;
  • To build and enhance win-win relationships with our business associates;
  • To contribute for the betterment of service hospitality and tourism industry by setting higher and improved standards. 


To be the most renowned, professional and reputed Maldives travel advising and tourist supporting company brand which immerse clients into the perfect vision of paradise along with world-class hospitality.


Our values include love for Maldives, local expertise, extensive knowledge of the destination, responsibility for our clients, individual approach, flexibility, team work, synergy, treat with dignity, diversity, passion for what we do, strive for excellence, strive for a difference, creativity, innovation.


Lets Go Maldives is the proud two-time recipient of the World Travel Award for Indian Ocean’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator as well as the Maldives Leading Luxury Tour Operator, and as of the year 2017, 2019, 2020 it is also the recipient of the Seven Star Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Award.

We have multiple number of diplomas and certificates of appreciation from our resorts partners.

Our team comprises of travel professionals from around the world. More than just experienced, they are thorough, knowledgeable, courteous helpful and available to you at all times.

Our name today stands as one of the biggest brands in the Maldives, synonymous with reliability, innovation, utmost commitment and beliefs in hospitality, professionalism, sincerity, and quality.


Refractions of light through rippling water in tropical sandy lagoon became inspiration to our logo. Wind and light playing  a game on a surface of a Maldivian lagoon create unique pattern with million of moving connections.

Over 18 years our company creates connections between our customers from all over the world and resorts in the Maldives. People remember our logo which reminds them of a unique nature’s effect while looking at the island’s lagoon on a sunny day in the Maldives. This is how we build a connection with each of you.


Lets Go Maldives is also a member of Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC).

Lets Go Maldives: “Experience the Maldives with a difference”


Mr. Mohamed Riyaz
CEO / Founder

Mr. Mohamed Riyaz is one of the most accomplished, successful, knowledgeable and experienced person in the inbound tourism business in the country with more then 20 years experience in the industry.

He achieved success through vision, hard work, personal relationships, travel trade network, determination, and innovative approach to business, philanthropic work and his passion for going to the extra mile.

Furthermore, he has earned the trust and respect of owners and operators of resorts, hotels, private islands, picnic islands, diving safaris, sailing cruise, transport providers (Seaplane and Speedboats).

Due to his success, professionalism, friendliness and high standing in the travel and tourism industry, he is able to maintain excellent relationships with all the concerned government authorities in the country, such as, the Ministry of Tourism, The Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), The Department of Civil Aviation, Department of Immigration and Emigration, Maldives Airports Company, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Maldives Customs Services.

As a result he is among the leading, most admired, most respected and reputable person in Maldives tourism industry.

Mr. Mohamed Riyaz started his career with the National Bank of the country ‘ Bank of Maldives where he had worked for over 13 years in various jobs of which the last was as a Manager for one of the banks branches.

After leaving the bank in 1996, he then joined the tourism industry and worked as a travel consultant for an inbound travel company. Then in 1999, he founded Inner Maldives Pvt. Ltd., with a partner, which became a successful inbound tour operator.

After 6 years with this company, he realised that his expertise, knowledge and experience could be better utilised in a new venture, thus in 2005 came the new company Lets Go Maldives Pvt. Ltd.

By utilising his expertise, knowledge, experience and industry network, he is determined to make Lets Go Maldives the most professional, reliable and high quality service-oriented tourism business in the country.

Mr. Mohamed Riyaz is also:

Founder & President – MAYA (Maldives Association of Yacht Agents).

Founder & President – ATA (Association of Travel Agents Maldives. 

The owner of Lets Invest in Maldives Pvt.Ltd., Lets Coffee Maldives Pvt.Ltd., Charters Maldives Pvt.Ltd., Tuna World Maldives Pvt.Ltd.

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Promoting Maldives Tourism to Chinese Travellers at ITB China in Shanghai




19 April, 2024
Lets Go Maldives Took part in tourism exhibitions in Kazakstan

October 28, 2023

Lets Go Maldives Win Seven Stars Luxury, Hospitality & Lifestyle Award 2023





September 12-14, 2023

Lets Go Maldives taking part in ITB China, 2023


April 11-13, 2022

Lets Go Maldives took part at WTM South Africa, 2022


November 19, 2022

Lets Go Maldives became the Winner of The Signum Virtutis at the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards 2022


April 5-7, 2022

Lets Go Maldives exhibited at WTM Latin America 2022


March 16, 2022

Lets Go Maldives took part at Bolsa Tourismo Lisboa Travel Market

March 12, 2022

Lets Go Maldives took part at the workshop in Armenia

February 19, 2022

Lets Go Maldives took part at Dive Show Russia 2022

February 7,  2022

Lets Go Maldives visits opening of The Signature Collection by Hideaway

January 29, 2022

Lets Go Maldives participated at “Knowledge Fishing” organised by ASIP, Cambodia.



January 23, 2022

Lest Go Maldives took part at FITUR Madrid 2022



November 30, 2021

Lets Go Maldives took part in “Destination Maldives Webinar” to showcase Maldives as top tourist destinations for Malaysians.



November 22, 2021

Lets Go Maldives participated at Qatar Travel Mart 2021 & Qatar Road Show 2021



October 18, 2019
Lets Go Maldives – winner of Seven Stars Award again.



October 10th, 2017
Lets Go Maldives receives one of the highest honors with the Seven Stars Luxury Award!


Lets Invest

Invest in the Maldives – Maldives investments

Maldives: the land of opportunities

Maldives offers unlimited assistance and conveniences to all businessmen and investors. The right partnerships between overseas investors and Maldivian businesses have led to astounding commercial success. The number of foreign companies investing in the Maldives is growing in areas such as manufacturing and exporting, creation of well known hotels and managing resorts. This is contributed to the amazing success investors combined with our legendary culture of innovation and excellence.

The Maldives offers a clear security policy for all foreign investors.
Foreign investors are offered a transparent policy environment under article 25/79 of the law on foreign investments, guaranteeing the security of investments. In addition our liberal trade environment, dynamic private sector and development-oriented legal structure all contribute to a conducive climate for trade and investment.
The Maldives has a strong record of political stability resulting from homogenous nature of our society with one culture, one religion and one language. Thus the ethnic and political unrest that can disrupt economic activities elsewhere are practically non-existent in the Maldives.

The country is an income tax and corporate tax haven. The vast untapped potential in natural marine resources and the young, energetic and trainable workforce are strong inducements to invest in the Maldives, as has been proven by many successful foreign investors.

Foreign Investors may choose either of the following business arrangements when investing in the Maldives:

  • Joint ventures with local partners
  • Wholly owned foreign investments

Investing in Maldives isn’t about just relocating. It’s about regenerating your business. As one of the Maldives’s local contact point for international investors, LETS GO MALDIVES can help identify sustainable business prospects and develop tailored investment solutions for overseas investors. LETS GO MALDIVES acts as a link between high-growth Maldives businesses in strategic sectors and international investors. We provide vital introduction, coordination, and communication services. With strong economic fundamentals LETS GO Maldives’s efficient, market-driven economy delivers key benefits to investors, including:

  • Business stability
  • Extensive free-trade agreements
  • Active government support for investment

For more information please visit website: http://www.letsinvestmaldives.com/




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