Diving Maldives

Whether you’re an experienced diver or someone thinking about learning, a world of adventure and discovery awaits you underwater. The sights, sounds and colours are like nothing you’ve experienced before. The Maldivian sea is home to some of nature‚Äôs most breathtaking creations and holds many ancient secrets, which are waiting to be discovered. A diving holiday gives you the chance to unravel the mysteries of the deep and see Maldives from a different perspective.
Tens of thousands of reefs, an amazing variety of marine life and excellent visibility (sometimes even at depths of 50 meters), make Maldives, a world class diving destination.
The Maldivian waters are rich and varied with thousands of dive sites; so plentiful that you can literally swim over from one to the other. Only a small percentage of the Maldives reefs have ever been divided. Each dive site has its unique characteristics in form, fauna and flora, the currents and other elements that shape and mould them.
Here is a selection of the best Maldivian Dive Resorts offering you not only quality accommodation but, spectacular dive sites within a few fin kicks from the resort.
All resorts without exception offer diving courses to clients through well equipped dive schools, consisting of qualified diving instructors and a wide range of rental equipment.


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