Founded in 2005, Lets Go Maldives is one of Maldives’s largest and award-winning Tour Operators, offering the widest variety of holiday deals anywhere in the Maldives, be it exotic resort hotels, or lavish safaris, excursions of any type or even exclusive Private Island deals.

We are more than just travel specialists, our specialties include planning quality custom-made packages at best prices, arranging luxury holidays for VIP clients, representing and handling travel agents, providing super-yacht charters and aviation ground-handling assistance. Our strength stems from the fact that we have direct contracts with over 160 resort hotels and safari yachts across the Maldives. We have very strong relationships with local authorities, hotels, airlines and the tourism industry in general and there are no doors that will not open for us in this Industry. Hence, we offer prices like no other and a full range of other services along with best local expertise.


To guide our clients through their journey to Maldives with an individual approach based on clients’ criteria of the resort’s concept and budget expectation.


To provide our clients with the perfect vision of paradise along with world-class hospitality.


Our values include love for Maldives, local expertise, strive for a difference, deep knowledge of the destination, responsibility for our clients, commitments, individual approach, passion about what we do, strive for excellence, creativity.


Lets Go Maldives is the proud two-time recipient of the World Travel Award for Indian Ocean’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator as well as the Maldives Leading Luxury Tour Operator, and as of the year 2017, 2019, 2020 it is also the recipient of the Seven Star Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Award.

Our team comprises of travel professionals from around the world. More than just experienced, they are thorough, knowledgeable, courteous helpful and available to you at all times.

Our name today stands as one of the biggest brands in the Maldives, synonymous with reliability, innovation, utmost commitment and beliefs in hospitality, professionalism, sincerity, and quality.


Refractions of light through rippling water in tropical sandy lagoon became inspiration to our logo. Wind and light playing  a game on a surface of a Maldivian lagoon create unique pattern with million of moving connections.

Over 16 years our company creates connections between our customers from all over the world and resorts in the Maldives. People remember our logo which reminds them of a unique nature’s effect while looking at the island’s lagoon on a sunny day in the Maldives. This is how we build a connection with each of you.

Lets Go Maldives: “Experience the Maldives with a difference”