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A Culinary Extravaganza with Chef Yoni Saada at Kandolhu Maldives

December 12, 2023

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Savoring Success..


The collaboration between Kandolhu Maldives and Chef Yoni Saada unfolded with unparallelled success,

captivating guests with a week-long celebration of Contemporary Mediterranean cuisine.

From November 13th to 18th, Chef Yoni Saada, renowned for his culinary expertise and familial connection

to esteemed Marais butchers, took centre stage at Olive, one of the five Γ  la carte restaurants on the island.

Chef Saada’s journey, beginning with culinary studies at Ferrandi in Paris and culminating in the opening

of acclaimed restaurants like “Osmose” and “Miniatures,” added a rich narrative to the event.



The collaboration showcased in Kandolhu Maldives’ commitment to creating unforgettable moments for guests,

ensuring a culinary experience that stood exceptional. Beyond the live events, the integration of Chef Saada’s

handpicked creations into the Olive menu added a lasting legacy to the resort. Dishes such as Pimiento dae

Padron with Pecorino, Avocado Hummus & Passion Fruit, and Veal Loin in Pistachio Crust became cherished

additions, offering future guests the opportunity to savour and appreciate Chef Saada’s culinary mastery long

after the exclusive event concluded.



The fusion of Mediterranean flavours, the enchanting ambiance of Kandolhu Maldives, and Chef Yoni Saada’s

culinary artistry collectively contributed to the resounding success of this exceptional collaboration.

The event left an indelible mark on the palates and memories of those fortunate enough to partake in this

culinary extravaganza.

Kandolhu Maldivas

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