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A twist in the menu of Palm and Island Coffee Shop

January 4, 2016


We are pleased to share recent developments taken place this month with our famed à la carte restaurants; Palm
and Island Coffee Shop. The new dishes are inspired by our culinary expert and Executive Chef, Michel Muffat who is  a  visionary  when  it  comes  to  proper  dining  on  Kuramathi.  Boasting  new  recipes,  Palm  has  added  5 mouthwatering dishes to its pasta choices while adding a tasty desert for the food aficianados.

Pasta  with  tomato  cherry,  black  olive  paste,  crispy  garlic  &  parmesan  flakes  and  pasta  with  creamy  green  olive sauce & dill flavoured crunchy zesty breadcrumb are notable dishes which surely whets our appetite even as we read the brief description. For desert,  an ice cream Panini sandwich has been introduced to sweeten things up a notch and it’s already getting delicious reviews!

Island Coffee Shop has also revised its menu and now offers 22 new delectable food options ranging from healthy
salads to zestful snacks. The local traditional dish ‘Garudhiya’; accompanied with rice or flatbread is featured, to
give  guests  a  slice  of  authentic  fare.  Hotdogs,  smoked  salmon  bagel  sandwich,  panini  and  even  a  burrito  make their way into the vast choice for guests who could indulge in a bit of guiltless food foray. For main course meals, the Indonesian Nasi Goreng and Kuramathi Fish and Chips make way as worthy mentions.

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