Jumeirah Vittaveli holds the honor of providing the most expensive Indian menu in the world.

October 2, 2017


Since, Sawana opened two years ago, it has won the Best Indian Cuisine in Asia award at the World Luxury Restaurent Awards. Hence, with celebration of the second anniversary of the Swarna Indian restaurant, Jumeirah Vittaveli launched the most expensive Indian menu in the world.

Priced at USD 2,000, “The Gold at Swarna 15-course menu” is said to deliver a golden experience combining the essence of luxury with the name of the restaurant, which translates to gold in Sanskrit.


Khad Ka Khargosh, a dish on the Gold at Swarna menu. (Photo by: JUMEIRAH)

Menus alternate between the 10-course journey menu, picking up flavors from every corner of the country taking over your palate on a voyage through the land of spices and the signature 15-course Swarna Thali, an innovative new take on the Indian classic, in the form of an indulgent menu incorporating a host of rich flavors.

 Passionate about Indian cuisine, Chef Baharat calls himself a spicewala or spice traveller. He takes his pride in selecting ingredients on trips to India and only uses spices available in India. “Authencity is key,” Chef Bharat Kapoor was quoted in an announcement, as saying, “you can’t get truly Indian flavors if you use international ingredients.”


Sunahare Moti, a dish on the Gold at Swarna menu. (Photo by: JUMEIRAH)

Jumeirah Vittaveli