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Kuramathi SPA’s Maldivian Treatments: Ancient Healing, Modern Tranquillity

October 23, 2023

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Kuramathi, Maldives, renowned for its natural beauty, now invites you to experience the depths of its healing heritage with

Kuramathi SPA’s Maldivian treatments.

Deeply rooted in the age-old Dhivehi Beys tradition, resort’s SPA embraces the ancient wisdom of achieving balance among

the body’s four ‘humours.’ At Kuramathi SPA, these ancient remedies are being meticulously preserved, infusing them with a modern SPA touch.


The reatments harness the power of indigenous ingredients, from coconuts to herbs grown in the organic gardens.

Experience the soothing benefits of signature Maldivian treatments, designed to enhance circulation, detoxify, and relieve joint and muscle discomfort

Did you know that the white sand of the Maldives retains heat without scalding the skin? Kuramathi Maldives incorporates this unique element,

along with a secret blend of Maldivian herbs, in the massages to ease pain and amplify the therapeutic effects.

Velamboli creeper and Tamburu leaves are used to treat arthritis, rheumatism, and fluid retention, helping detoxify the body.



By sharing these original SPA experiences, Kuramathi aims to revive appreciation for the Maldives’ traditional healing legacy and inspire a renewed

interest in this unique aspect of island life.

For those seeking romance, indulge in the couple SPA sojourns on the SPA Pavilion, surrounded by the lapping Indian Ocean. Let warm oils and sparkling

wine soothe your senses, leaving you to wonder if this moment could last forever.

At Kuramathi SPA, we invite you to discover the spirit of the Maldives through Maldivian treatments – an experience you’ll cherish forever!


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