Maldives National Day - Lets Go Maldives

Maldives National Day

September 16, 2023

Today is the National Day of the Maldives. Celebrated on the day that falls on the first of Rabi-ul-Awwal of the Islamic Calendar, it is a day of great historical significance.

Out of many threats to Maldives sovereignty, the Portuguese occupation during the mid-16th century was one of the biggest. In 1573 AD the ruling Sultan was defeated and the Portuguese invaded Maldives.

The next 15 years saw the darkest period in Maldivian history as the Portuguese forcibly established themselves in  the Maldives. The country’s liberation didn’t come about until 1573 AD when Muhammad Thakurufaanu along with his two brothers from the island Utheemu drove the Portuguese out of Maldives with a form of guerrilla warfare fought for  eight long years. This event is and its hero is now commemorated annually on National Day.

Today we give our heartfelt thanks to the heroes who fought for this nation.