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Palm Beach welcomes a new management!

October 16, 2017


Re-launching operation on the 07th of October 2017, Palm Beach Resort & Spa Maldives welcomes a whole new phase under a whole new official management, headed by Ibrahim Ali Maniku, Head – Lease holder of Lh. Madhiriguraidhoo and Chief Executive Officer.


The resort expressed their intention to honor previous business relationships and looks forward to establish new connections directly with the company. While this is in the process, the resort states that they will be launching a new website under the name along with a new set of corresponding contact information.


Palm beach Island Resort and Spa Maldives informs that all the previous disputes have been solves legislatively by the Supreme Court of Maldives. The resort also reassures that under the new management, all the existing staff’s contracts have been renewed under the case of well played team members that have demonstrated outstanding work ethics.

Palm Beach Island Resort & Spa

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