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Unveil Festive Traditions and Magical Moments at Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives

October 9, 2023

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Season’s Greetings from Seaside Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives, Your Island Playground!

December 21, 2023 – January 7, 2023


The festive season in the Maldives weaves an enchanting tapestry, blending timeless traditions with extraordinary moments.

At Finolhu, the meaning of festive celebrations is redefined. Here, the warmth of the sun replaces the log in the fireplace, the enchanting tropical paradise

becomes the backdrop for Christmas and New Year’s festivities, and a wide array of both relaxing and exhilarating experiences awaits to enhance your holiday spirit.


You are invited to celebrate this festive season with a playful twist on luxury. Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives have meticulously prepared a selection of festive events

and activities designed to keep the entire family entertained.


At one of the nights, embark on an epicurean journey of discovery as you sample the delights of local Maldivian flavors prepared in a live cooking show by ladies from the

neighboring island, and served up with a wild selection of native delicacies from the buffet. Be “wowed” by the local artisans’ display of local crafts and traditional art.

Immerse yourself in the traditional musical performance of Bodu Beru, meaning “big drums” in Dhivehi.


Make sure to unveil festive traditions and magic moments resort prepared for by clicking the brochure below!

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