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Water Sports & Activities

Water Sports & Activities

Water Sports in the Maldives – Water Sports and activities in the Maldives.

For those who want to try something different from diving or snorkeling, a variety of water sport activities are offered. It all depends on your interest. You may want to go jet-skiing around the resort or water-ski. You could choose from a lot of fun activities are provided under the assistance of the able instructors.

Fishing is not only the lifeblood of the Maldivian economy; it is also a popular pastime among locals as well as visitors. Maldivians enjoy a variety of different types of fishing. The most popular among these is night fishing. The boat leaves the island and anchors at a reef before the sunsets and darkness sets in. the lines are tethered with hooks and sinkers and dropped overboard from both sides of the dhoni. If the fishing is good it gives a lot of excitements to everyone. If not it gives you an excellent opportunity to relax under the night sky as the boat gently rocks with the waves.

Morning fishing or big game fishing involves trolling, usually outside the atoll along the reef. Fishing enthusiasts may prefer to bring their own equipment if they wish to experience the excitement during their visit. Almost all the resorts organize night fishing trips at least once a week. Big game fishing or morning fishing, if not included in the resorts weekly program, may be organized on request.

Snorkelling over the shallow reefs of the islands is an ideal way to explore the underwater world. The house reefs of most of the islands are just a few strokes away from the beach. Even if the reef are quite shallow and one may simply walk up to the reef to enjoy its beauty. Snorkeling equipment is available at all the resorts. Some organize regular snorkeling excursions to give visitors a chance to experience the diversity of marine life and reef structures in the Maldives.

Surfing Maldives is fast establishing itself as a destination for surfers. Surfing is relatively new to the Maldives, especially compared to more established activities such as scuba diving. However, the recent O’Neil Deep Blue Contest held in this year has placed Maldives firmly on the world’s surf map. While most of the recognized surf breaks are in Male’ Atoll, there is certainly more to be discovered. For resort based surfing it is advisable to choose one of the resorts on the eastern side of North Male’ Atoll where you could get access to a number of excellent breaks.

Underwater Photography
Many underwater photographers agree that Maldives is the best place in the world to photograph fish. Mainly because nowhere else is there such form and variety of fish and coral life. The best dive sites for photographing large pelagic fish such as sharks, mantas or jacks are the atoll passes or channels. Currents are often strong in the channels and it may become necessary to hold on to something to remain still. For good images of colorful fish and corals, dive in the ‘thilas’ or shoals inside the atolls. The conditions in these often are suitable for you to calmly and carefully frame your shots. While UW cameras are available for rent at most dive schools in the Maldives, you may not be able to get the exact equipment you require.

Until today, divers are said to be the only people who truly enjoy their holidays in the Maldives. After all, what is a visit to the Maldives without experiencing its magical underwater world? Now with the introduction of the German built Whale Submarine, divers and non-divers alike can enjoy the enchanting beautiful coral reefs and magnificent tropical fish from the comfort of an air-conditioned submarine with friends, family or loved ones. This incredible adventure takes place aboard the world’s deep diving largest passenger submarine! Descend to100 feet below the ocean surface and witness ocean life and other treasures, sights once only seen by scuba divers. Boasting with a 100% safety record worldwide this is a must experience for every visitor, an excursion only available in a very few parts of the world. After all how many people in the world can say that they have dived in a real submarine!


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