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Updates on the Covid-19 Maldives latest Situation

Updates on the Covid 19 situations in the Maldives Islands and resorts.

Maldives Tourism Travel Updates

Maldives tourism continues to gradually recover due to the implementation of the maximum safety and security policies for all the guests, employees as well as the general public with minimal…

Maldives- Latest Travel Updates

The Maldives reopened its borders to all travelers in July 2020, offering an attraction of safety with its exclusive resort hotels set on private islands. Since then, the country’s open…

PCR test is required in the Maldives for all tourists including vaccinated tourists

To ensure the safety of all, HPA has made it a mandatory requirement for all tourists (including those who have completed the prescribed dose(s) of a Covid-19 vaccine) to present…

Ease of travel restriction in the Maldives

Ministry of Tourism would like to inform you about ease of travel restriction in the Maldives:  Travelers to Maldives (including tourists) who have completed their two doses of Covid-19 vaccination…

Maldives updates related to Covid-19 and tourists arrival

1) Health Protection Agency has extended negative PCR test validity time of within 72 hours to within 96 hours prior to tourists’ departure to Maldives. The extension of negative PCR test…

Maldives pre-arrival check list with precautionary measures against the spread of COVID’19

Tourists travelling to the Maldives will be provided a free 30-day tourist visa on arrival Для туристов прибывающих на Мальдивские острова будет действовать 30-ти дневная виза по прибытию A confirmed…

Covid 19 updates – opening resorts in the Maldives

Dear Partners and friends, Greetings from the exotic Maldives, I would like to personally reach out to you because we are developing our post Covid-19 luxury market in the Maldives, and would like…